More Man Make-Over: Mr. T Therapy and More

Posting for Sunday, March 6, 2011

Three months after I started my testosterone therapy plus, I definitely saw a difference in how much I was pressing at the gym (I was able to up the ante every time I went) and, most importantly, in my bathroom mirror. I had always had a good build but now I saw broader shoulders, bigger arms, a bigger neck, broader back and – shit – for the very first time in my life as a 5 foot six kinda of stocky guy, a six pack!  Mr. T also helped with weight control, and while I certainly didn’t need it, I think my body hair was even getting, well, hairier.

On the negative side, I really felt no dramatic change in my energy level (except when I was at the gym and had just popped one of my five buck sugar cubes), and my libido was about the same. (I mean how horny can one guy get?)

I also found that my Russian temper, that I definitely inherited from my mother’s side, and which I was able to control most of the time, now tripped into overdrive at the slightest provocation. Like the time, just after the earthquake in Haiti, I was strolling out of a local Walgreens and sitting at the exit was a table of gussy-upped Haitian women looking for a donation. My response was to yell on the top of my lungs, “How about practicing some birth control down there first, huh?”

At about this time I was shopping around for new health insurance to bring my deductible down and saw Blue Cross would sell me a policy at almost half of what my Aetna coverage was costing me. As part of its app process, I needed to undergo more lab work which happened just a few weeks after my blood work at Life Enhancement. I thought I’d pass with no problem and so was shocked that Blue Cross rejected my app because my good cholesterol was below standards. Out of curiosity, I called Life Enhancement and Josh confirmed that can happen when you’re taking Mr. T and Mr. S. If I wanted to stop the stuff and OD on pistachios and niacin – the no flush variety-  for a few weeks, I could maybe reapply. But, hell, what was more important, looking buffed or getting a break on my insurance?

I’ve been taking the stuff now for going on two years, and went back last November for a check-up and new blood work at the center just to make sure everything inside was O.K. And while I’m still happy with the results and recommend it to people like my brother-in-law, I feel I’ve reached a new plateau in my muscle building and wondering if juicing up is still the only way to get “The Look.” Well, hell, if I really want to cross that bridge, my financial planner said he can get me some stuff cheap. He said he’d even throw in the first month’s supply with my tax return.

Hey, thanks IRS!

Tomorrow: Let’s Have Sex! : Bathhouses and Sex Clubs

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