A Quickie: Black Heart Uniform Ball Post-Mortem

I was getting my six month testosterone pellets inserted in my butt Saturday afternoon and my doc, also gay, brought up the Black Heart Uniform Ball that had been held the night before and which I wrote about on Friday. He confirmed what I figured: it was, as a patient of his who attended put it, “pretty lame” for all the predictable reasons: the high price of the tix, on top of the rental of a uniform if you didn’t have one, and the fact, wearing heavy material in what’s basically a dance club doesn’t make for a comfortable evening.

Hey, at least with leather you can be half naked and still be dressed – and be hot, very hot.

BTW, if you’re in the mood for some raunchy gay tales with a film noir flair, check out my other site, erotic-gay-fiction.com; or my e-books on Amazon.com’s Kindle or Barnes and Nobles’ (bn.com) Nook under me, RP Andrews.


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