When Alien Worlds Collide: Part II

Glitch #4:

I had the numbers of three guys who said they might, maybe, could be, sort of, free that Sunday night. On two, I got voice mail that predictably went nowhere; the third actually picked up, but said he thought I had meant Saturday, not Sunday and that he would be working. (I don’t think I talk in Korean, do I?) That left me high and dry and at the mercy of the “I want it now” boys once I got into St Pete’s.

While pondering my potentially sexless fate for the night, I’m remembered one guy, “Big Billy,” a huge, lumbering six footer, who said he loved to suck my cock, had hit me up Wednesday night late. I had replied non-committally at the time, but after a quick beer back in St. Pete’s at the Flamingo’s tea dance which sported no cruising hotties, I checked and saw he was online. He was receptive and was free around 9. Great.

Just then, just as I sealed the deal with Billy, I got a hit from a slight, hairy thirty something bottom who wanted my cock up his ass bad. Real bad.

How bad?

Well, when I asked him when he might be free later, figuring I needed some time between tricks to recharge, he replied – on his smartphone – that he was free NOW. In fact, he was waiting in the parking lot downstairs!

I quick munched down a Viagra, but while I tried to stall things a bit by taking a shower as he lay on my bed butt naked, waiting patiently for my hard cock, Mr. Peter and I were too strung out from that boring seven hour ride from Pensacola to do his hot, hairy boy butthole justice. He understood, even apologized for springing up on me, and said he was still interested in connecting the next time I was in town.  He gave my soft cock a slow but hopeless farewell suck to show he meant it.

Fortunately, by the time Big Billy, who barely fit through my door, arrived ten after nine, Big V had kicked in, and the pharms together with Billy’s hot, patient mouth and long furry beard he kept stroking against my cock finally awakened Mr. Peter to his full glory. An hour and half later, at least physiologically satisfied, I visited my favorite 24/7 diner a few block away for a very late dinner, served by my favorite retro-1957 waitress. Besides two guys at the counter munching sandwiches who looked like they belonged in a homeless shelter, I was the only customer in the place.

Ever the horny beast, I checked the websites one last time Monday morning before my planned departure for Haughty Lauderdale when, lo ad behold, Jim, a heavy set but Matinee handsome hairy chested guy who was looking for a quick morning fuck before he left for work, hit me up on adam4adam. A half hour later, he was on my bed, primping my cock for his butt with his tongue (seeing his real tiny penis made me understand why he was not a bottom by choice), and I screwed him good and shot my load, all before 10 a.m.

And when I got home that afternoon, still a bit dazed by my whirlwind, funky, somewhat fucked-up sojourn, who should be sitting proudly with a hard dick pic on my pc screen than one of my Pensacola boys, complete with his address and cell number, wondering when I would be “cumming” over.

As they say, timing’s everything in life.

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