He’s There Somewhere. Waiting. Waiting for You.

Maybe you found him already, your soulmate. Or maybe you found him once and lost him to time, death, another man, or another way of thinking. People change, not always for the better, not always in sync.

Or maybe he’s there waiting. Waiting for you.

And you don’t even know it.

Or worse, you pass him by.

Maybe he’s the guy who was eyeing you at the gym without you noticing. Watching you every time you and he hit the gym the same time. But you don’t see him, or if you do, you turn away, not knowing if he’s str8 or gay, and maybe he does the same and goes home jerking off as he fantasizes over you. Then one day, your schedule or his changes, and you never run into one another again.

Maybe he’s the guy in the bar or the sex club who caught your stare a few times but when you finally make the move, he’s gone or some other guy – lesser or better – makes the move first.

Maybe he’s the guy who’s not tall enough or short enough or hairy enough or smooth enough or built the way you want your men built who seems to stalk you whenever he and you are in the same place. Then one day you see him on the beach, surrounded by his buddies, lying there almost naked,  and you see or feel something about him you hadn’t felt before, and wish the fuck you had walked up to him when he had given you the chance. And that second chance never comes.

Maybe he’s the guy ahead of you in the ten items or less aisle at the supermarket who makes your loins stir, but seems totally disinterested, then e’s you that night or the next night on one of the hook-up web sites and tells you he saw you and how hot you were standing there with Fido’s food in your hand. And all you reply is “thanks” or, trying to pin down Mr. Muscle Boy who looked at your profile two hours ago, don’t reply at all.

Maybe he in town on vacation or business but you’re committed – to other stuff.

Maybe he’s always with another guy and they look like they could be lovers or brothers til you find out one night they’re just friends.

Maybe he’s a guy you had a crush on for years in school or at work, and who always seemed nice to you, but you or he never go the next step, and only after your lives fly in separate directions – you graduate or he or you move on to a new job – do you find out through a mutual buddy you run into years later that he was gay too.

Yea, he’s the guy you should have made the move on but decided not to for a hundred different reasons.

Reasons that somehow may have made sense at the time.

But don’t anymore.

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