HIV Stigma

I saw this ad on a bus stop bench on my way to the beach. Those of us gay guys know what it’s talking about. OK, but why then did the profile of  a handsome, furry 21 year old who hit me up on Manhunt say he was positive? Positive at 21?? I didn’t have my first man-to-man sex til I was 21! Unless he was one of those rare blood transfusion/organ transplant cases, all I can say is that there’s another six letter word that starts with s like stigma and that’s STUPID.

This one ties with another transit ad I’ve seen around town of a sympathetic doctor of some HIV service with the headline, “How Many More?”

Well, let’s see. Ten guys having unprotected sex at our local sex club on a typical Saturday nights times 52 Saturdays comes to … For starters.

As I’ve said too many times before: let’s cut with the self-pity and “woe are us” rhetoric when we’ve got nobody to blame for stigmas or anything else than – guess who – ourselves.

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