They Should Call It P-Pad

No I didn’t go crazy buying an I-Pad with all the bells and whistles for five hundred bucks but grabbed a tablet by ViewSonic for $300 when it was on sale at Office Depot. It may not be as wowie as the Real McCoy but I can bring the web up on it in a blink, thank you very much, and check on all the guys who love me (not) on the hook-up sites while I’m watching my favorite TV.

But I think its greatest app is for bedtime porn. Come on, fellas, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve come home scoreless on a Saturday night, or it’s a Tuesday night and you’re bored. Well, now instead of cuddling up to hot, furry Fido for comfort, you can cuddle up to your P-Pad, P for Porn, go to your favorite naughty site – which is free is mine – prop your ten inch virtual sex tool up with a pillow so the screen is HD perfect, and whack off in bed.

You know something? Maybe after 11, Apple should run a commercial for I-Pad with that app tastefully displayed. As if Apple was as hungry for customers as we are in getting off.

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