Hook-up Gems

Ran across this recently on Manhunt’s new “Board” feature where you can post “I want it now” ads. Like that’s going to make much difference.  This gem was posted anonymously so there’s no profile to refer to and check out:

“59 year old GWM looking for muscular guys under 30 to come over, suck my cock and give up their butt. Smoothies only. Zac Efron look-a-likes preferred.”

Maybe you want the kid to pay your hourly rate too, huh buddy?”

Frequently seen in the instant contact ads on the bareback site, BBRTS, usually accompanied by a series of ass only shots from every conceivable angle:

“Will be at the Clubhouse (Club) (Slammers) at 2 am. taking cum dumps.”

Oh, so I have to pay to get into the bath house or sex club to breed your sorry butt. Buddy, once I’m there I’m a free agent. Isn’t the reason we’re on these fucken sites is to get sex without spending money?

Seen a lot in Manhunt profiles:

“Must have your private pics open before I reply.”

Meanwhile, the guy’s got one asshole family album shot of him, fully clothed in his Sunday best, with his Yorkie in his lap. But I got to flash my boner first. Sure.

Reminiscent of the scruffy unemployed panhandlers you see at the main intersections of Hot Florida holding up signs, “Will work for food” is this one on one of the quick hook-up sites, perfect for Fort Lauderbottom:

“Will top for coffee.”

Think he’d get into scat for a latté?

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