So What’s MY Fantasy? My REAL Fantasy?

No, it’s not the man of my dreams and me taking dewy-eyed walks on the beach at sunset. Or him moaning endless dirty talk six hours straight in a sling while I fuck him til my dick is raw – even Viagra won’t promise you that. Nay, romance is like a roller coaster ride, and every so often, your seatbelt gets loose and you fly out into nowhere.

No, what I want is a reliable, sane circle of three or four buddies, fuck buddies, on my wave length. Sarcastic, cynical forty something, fifty somethings, dressed in faded jeans and ten year old T-shirts, cute, bearded, rugged looking fucks I don’t have to look up at cause they’re short hairy fuckers like me, gym buds with no agendas who don’t give two shits about Madonna, and who I can hang loose with, talk politics with, get broiled on the beach with, get drunk with, and roll around in bed with in twosomes, threesomes or better, like we were members of our own private fraternity.  No dime story romance cluttering the affinity we have for one another as men.

On a typical Friday or Saturday night, strolling around solo in one of Lauderdale’s guy hang-outs like the bear bar, Bills, or our leather den, the Ramrod, or the country western bar, Scandals, I sense there are guy groups just like that, groups I envy. Laughing, joking, rapping one another on the ass, giving a cruisy eye to some prospective new recruit to their group, even if only for that night. But most of all, guys having fun with guys like themselves. No bullshit, no drama, confident in their own maleness, happy with themselves and one another.

And as I stand alone, occasionally groped by some drunk or stroked by a twink, that is when I’m not holding up the wall, I imagine Mitch and Kevin and Terry, my clones, my brothers, who I’ve written about here, (Mitch, 12/27/10, Kevin 5/2/12, and Terry 12/1/10) are with me, humored by this sea of  lonely, horny men, knowing that in an hour we’ll together in the dark at one of our places where half hard dicks won’t even matter, and just the stroke of a furry butt or hairy chest or the smell of a sweaty armpit is enough to making a lover of men as human as taking a piss.

Anybody interested in being a member of my starter group?

3 thoughts on “So What’s MY Fantasy? My REAL Fantasy?

  1. cliff

    You’d have to look up to me I’m 6-3 but I’d love to join ;)…Love to be fucked by you after a great night of beers and conversation!! And of course I’d suck that cock of yours and do what you’d sex is a participatory joyous sport after all..or fucking should be! Everything I’ve read here tells me I love to be part of Ray’s Fun Bunch band of brothers!

    1. Erick

      I’d have to say honestly, after the few quick conservations we’ve had, I’m game. What can I say, the mind sealed the deal. Every hairy inch of my 6’3″ self would enjoy being a member of your starter group.

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