“Wireless Cafe”

These aren’t some 1957 vintage gay guys in a pre-Gay Liberation bar checking one another out, though it sure looks like it could be. No, this is from an ad entitled “Wireless Café” that I ran across recently for Chock Full of Nuts coffee. What struck me was the sharp contrast between this decades old shot of a coffee shop with  the Starbucks of today where everybody is huddled over their I-pads and laptops, conversing, perhaps, but not with one another.

Hell, the web and all our other technological accruements are mind blowing; guys from Croatia read my blogs this week, the same stuff I wrote in my bikini on my patio here in sunny Lauderdale. And not a day goes by that I’m not getting hits on the hook-up sites from men across the country and around the world.  But while virtual buddies are great for ego spikes and social sharing, nothing can replace a warm fuzzy man next to you in bed – for real.

That’s why, with every fifth guy in a gay bar today looking at his flickering Smartphone instead of the guy across from him, all this lightning communications has, in many ways, actually gotten in the way of us, well, communicating. Conversation has been replaced by convenience, language by sound bites, elaboration by abbreviations.

That’s why if we’re successful in actually hooking up with a guy, I mean, in-the-flesh, after all our e-philandering, it’s refreshing to actual talk to him face to face.

Before we kiss him.

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