Lauderdale’s Beach Bear Weekend Postscript

My buddies and I went to two of the last major bear weekend events here on Sunday: the Depot gay hotel’s bear pool party in the afternoon, and the dance bar Boom’s Bear Dance that evening. Both were crowded but not cruisy.

A blogette who read my sermonette on the Weekend on Sunday scolded me for critiquing these bearfests as being too social and, hey, I got nothing against buddies from across the country or elsewhere getting together for old time’s sake. But look at it from us townies’ perspective: we live in a gay vacation mecca and just expected a few new “encounters” and less Chatty Cathys. Instead, we were largely ignored, and the overcrowds were such that we were pushed out of our own haunts and treated like outsiders. (Remember bar owners: we’re the guys who keep you going during those long, off- season summer months.)

But I guess that’s life when you live in a patch of paradise a lot of other people want a taste of.


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