Hairy Backs: A Furry Guy’s Perspective

In a poll on one of those Daddy-oriented hookup sites, half of the 1200 guys who responded thought a hairy back was “a big turn-on,” while a third didn’t give a shit one way or the other which means, at least they’re not turned off by it as 20% of the guys who replied said they were. All I can say to that is to each his own; most of the guys I’ve played with have found my back hair a sexy addition to the package.

I’ve been pretty hairy since my teens, but didn’t start getting back hair until I was well into my thirties. Having gotten over being self-conscious about all my fur years before when I saw guys liked it, sprouting a pelt on my back never really bothered me. Sure, there’s an occasional hot sweaty summer when I’ve had my partner buzz it off, but most times I don’t even think about until some guy runs his hand through it and purrs “hot.”

I usually cavort in the Lauderdale bars shirtless (at least in those that allow it like the Ramrod where you look odder if you still have your tee on). Well, one Saturday night I was standing in the back patio at Scandals, our very popular country western bar, again semi au naturel, when a smartly dressed statuesque female – the genuine article, not a transzee – came up to me with a warm smile and whispered in my ear, “You got a gorgeous chest but, my dear, that back fur has gotta go.” I smiled back and rather than tell her (a) mine your own business and/or (b) what the fuck are you doing in a gay man’s bar, bitch, I moved on. I figured later she must have had a vested interest in recommending I get rid of my rear pelt and that maybe she ran one of those waxing or – God forbid! – laser salons.

A long time ago, I reconciled myself to the reality that I am what I am, and that an integral part of what makes “me” is my fur, including my back fur. So while, like many of us, I try to “sculpt” my bod at the gym into the in-shape clone we supposedly all want to be or admire, my paramours will just have to put up with my hairs stuck between their teeth whatever part of my body they came from.

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