Front Page News in South Florida: Grindr!

Yes, guys, our local main daily the Sun Sentinel recently ran a front page story on the growing use of smartphone apps like Grindr in the gay bars of Fort Lauderdale. Iran ready to nuke us? Europe going to hell and maybe us with them? South Floridians still losing their homes? No, I guess what the masses really need to know about, besides our local sports teams which also make front page news, is how gay boys are hooking up in these modern techno times. Talk about the dumbing down of America’s once stellar print media that is trying to emulate AOL’s home page (do you really give a fuck about some unwed starlet’s baby bump?) or TV’s frivolous “Entertainment Tonight,” in an increasingly hopeless attempt to hold on to readers in the age of instant electronic immediacy.

But, as the article was honest enough to point out, apps like Grindr are both a blessing and a curse. Some proponents applaud them as a new way to “break the ice” and meet guys for relationships, but there are those out there, like me, who think it’s just another tool for getting drive-by sex, and, worse, depersonalizing what should be face-to-face encounters.

When every fifth guy in a bar is on his smartphone Grinding instead of cruising the parade of guys right in front of him, you wonder if things are really getting better.

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