Hirsute Phobia

Hirsute Phobia (a noun): a recurring, mostly American trend that comes and goes every couple of years, where men with body hair – straight and gay – suddenly feel this compulsion or societal pressure to shave or even permanently laser it all off, so their hard earned muscles show up better, they’re hotter to the objects of their desire, or maybe because they just want to feel like a prepubescent boy again.  

“Details,” the glossy men’s fashion mag that my buddies tell me is the gay version of “GQ” (like how much gayer can you get?), ran an article in its just published “Stylish Man’s Guide to Summer” issue on furry celebs, cine and sports stars going furless, and how this is a renewed trend away from “assertive body hair.” This, at least according to the owner of some chic, overpriced waxing salon on Manhattan’s East Side who is not exactly a social anthropologist and has everything to gain by this “trend.”

Could this be a jealous conspiracy prompted by the hairy have-nots? (My own private theory is that’s why maybe some smooth guys try to feel more masculine by loading up on the tattoos as a hirsute substitute.)

Hey, I know there are fuzzy guys out there who only like smooth guys, and smooth guys who only screw with smooth guys, and women who are turned off by all that fur, but as a very hirsute male who prefers the same in bed, I still think body hair, on the right guy of course, is very masculine and very sensual and is one of main reasons I score with guys of all kinds, smooth and hairy. They just love running their fingers across my chest while I fuck ‘em.

But what do YOU think? Does hair make the man? Or is it just another frivolous fetish? Or is being a man a lot more than surface incidentals? (Of course it is, but let’s not get too philosophical here guys and just focus on the question of body hair, please!)

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