The Gay Nude Sub-Culture

No, I’m not going to be talking here about gay nudist groups since, frankly, I don’t have much working knowledge of them. What I am going to talk about is the compulsion by gay guys to want to take some or all of their clothes off whenever they can and as fast as they can in a host of public or quasi-public places. From bars and bathhouses to beaches and campgrounds, showing some skin can be both an exhibitionist’s and voyeur’s delight. Since not everyone has a body by God, however, the eye candy results are definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

First, there’s the bars, at least the bars who let us go shirtless, what’s left of the men’s bar scene, that is. In NYC, where I spent my younger, formative gay years, it was just about every bar in the now long gone West Village scene. Hell, it could be 10 degrees out, and those were the days when I, living the burbs, had to walk blocks from where I parked my car to where the bars were. But that didn’t stop me from only wearing a T under my leather jacket, both of which were quickly disposed of once I got to my destination.

Here in Lauderdale, we’ve got Bill’s, the bear bar, though I’m usually in the minority when it comes to shirtless men; and of course, the Ramrod, our leather/levi hole, where you look a bit weird if you still have a shirt on. Even on a Saturday night, you’ll find a few exhibitionists only wearing a jockstrap, but on Tuesday nights, when you get free drinks from midnight to one a.m. if you have the balls to show up only in your underwear, the place is loaded.

On the beaches, pouches rule, and while more tradition swim trunks are making something of a comeback, bikinis still seem to be in vogue.

When it comes to stripping down completely, you’ve got just about every gay guesthouse with its “clothing optional” pool scene, a great way to examine the merchandise before buying. No wonder guys never call the men they lined up on the web before they left New York, Chicago or D.C. for their sub-tropical vacation; bare dick and ass is all right there for the picking and one friendly gesture and he’s in your room or you in his. How convenient.

The same rules apply at our two gay campgrounds, Mars, about two hours from Lauderdale, and Sawmill, just outside Tampa, both of which feature no-clothes pools. On theme weekends, like Leather Daddy, Sawmill allows you walk around in the all together almost anywhere on the camp grounds. Just hope the guy you meet has a cabin or a trailer; making it in a tent can be a bit too claustrophobic for me.

At the bathhouses or places like Lauderdale’s Leather Inn which not only sports a clothing optional pool but outdoor hideaways to fuck and suck in in broad daylight, going au naturale is more than just showing off what you got, it’s part of the foreplay.

In fact, about the only venue where gay nudity doesn’t have to have sex as a component is on the gay section of Haulover Beach, just outside Miami, So Flo’s only nude sandbox, where you can truly throw away the last vestiges of civilization and become one with nature.

That is until that hot motherfucker with the body by God and the dick the size of an Italian deli sausage decides to lay three feet from your blanket.

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