So, Does Hair Make The Man? Reader Feedback

That’s the question I asked in my blog posted on June 13 when I discussed the re-emerging fashion trend of men going furless. So what did you guys think? A definitely tip on the side of the fuzzy, though I recognize that maybe only furlovers took the time to respond:


There is nothing more hot or sexy than a furry man love to be naked and rubbing our bodies together.


For me, a very hairy, darker skinned man remains my view of the epitome of masculine beauty. Regardless of his cock or ball size, a hairy body is a big turn on.


My BF is a hairy man and the hotter it is outside the more he sweats which to me is an aphrodisiac, I already am attracted to him to the point that he can grin or just look my way and I’m ready to attack him but let that scent of his get stronger and I’m twitching in my seat.


I love the excuse that a lot of guys use “it makes my cock look bigger”. IT DOESN’T!!!! Natural body hair, to me, is so sexy. I get turned off by a man who shaves his body hair, no matter how hot he is. I think the shaving of body hair feminizes men.


Within the gay community, there is a culture that embraces body hair as a sign of unfettered masculinity. “Bears” are gay men who allow hair to grow with wild abandon, bucking the manscaping trend. The thicker your hair, the more body heat you produce, and next thing you know, you’re sweating up a storm and giving off a funky odor that I love to get fucked by.


Give me that beautiful hair – anywhere and everywhere – Never met a man that was too hairy! There is nothing more beautiful than a hairy butt!


I used to go for hairy chests, the Guido look, now that doesn’t always turn me on, but only on the right guy. Shaving the chest I find odd – sure it looks smooth, which can be nice, but then you feel stubble on it!


I go crazy over a fuzzy tummy and hairy arms and ass! Just can’t control myself from handling and licking; love the feel of hair on my lips and face. After sex, love to lay my head on my lover’s fuzzy tummy – salivating just thinking about it.

Well, I think it helps to shave the hair around the cock and ball sack… It heightens arousal and satisfaction… Need a little help to shave the “tween” area… but that is always fun too! Otherwise, I like hair where it is as it is… love the fur feeling on a guy’s nice soft belly, and the feel of fur on the backside. Drives me crazy!

When I was younger I used to buy Rogaine at CVS and spray it on my chest and butt thinking it would make me grow more hair. It didn’t work.

I don’t know why but I have a huge fetish for hairy forearms, especially with a watch or bracelet on. And a very hairy upper chest with a necklace buried in it. I think I like the Guido look, probably from growing up Italian around old-country Sicilian men. I was at a local cafe yesterday eating and there was an older gentleman behind me who had the hairiest forearms and a watch on and I was going berserk. But then there’s another guy in my apartment complex who is totally smooth and I think he’s hot too. Maybe I’m just easy.

Love the hairy ones. Sexy as hell. But it seems that most of the guys I meet are shaving it all off. I don’t want a boy but a man.


Being a hairless individual, chest and stomach hair drives me up the wall…I love it. These guys who shave their pubs in my book are crazy.


But probably the reality for most of us is how this guy put it:

I can honestly say that body hair doesn’t make or break the man. What makes him sexy is a natural confidence in himself and in being a man.

Right on.

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