Odd Man Out

“Brew stronger, bigger, hotter.”

That’s from an ad for some new Kerug coffee pod. Sounds more like a come-on line for Viagra.


“It’s not bareback if you pull out.”

That came from one of those “I want it now” postings off a hook-up website. OK, but what about all that precum seminal fluid dripping in the guy’s butthole while you pound him? That’s not considered a bodily fluid?


“You all look the same, any originality here?”

From a bareback posting for a guy whose only pics are multi-views of his not so pretty ass.


“2 mature men 62 & 68 seek a bttm/vers younger man.”

The two guys look like Grandpas out of a Norman Rockwell painting. How young a bottom? 59? Or does the seeking come with a credit card attached?


“I’m board.”

That’s what one pretty boring looking twenty something posted on one of those “I want it now” ads. And you wonder why America’s going to hell?


“No response without face pic.”

And all he’s got up is his ass. Yep.

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