Drugs and Sex? Inseparable?

I used to think using drugs – mostly pot and poppers – was a nice enhancement to man-to-man sex, like half and half instead of fat free milk in your coffee. But in just the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a rash of PNP high guys on line – almost the only place to connect today – disappear in a milli-second when I told them I didn’t party. And at least here in south Florida, there’s a hell of a lot of them.  While the problem is particularly bad among the under 35 crowd, there’s plenty of older guys – some in their 50’s – who when you answer “no” to their question, “PNP?” drop you quicker than some twink dropping a 50 pound barbell in the gym.

Now I’ve succumbed to the party game a few times, most recently with probably the most beautiful man I’ll ever have in my life. (You’ll soon read about my experience in my forthcoming blog, “Two of the Most Sensual Hours in My Life with the Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Known.”)  But I find it endlessly bizarre that these guys – so many of them bottoms who want my cock rock hard – will even bring up the subject knowing, for most of us, Tina, Ecstasy, crack, meth and erections are diametrically opposed. But I’ve also been around the block a few times to realize the real reason is they’re looking for someone to “contribute” to their drug high without having to lay out the dough.

P.S. Surprise, surprise – most of them are also “poz.” When you’re high, who worries about safe sex?

In our local Lauderdale paper, The Sun Sentinel, there was a recent story about the growing number of Baby Boomers crowding the rehab centers here in South Florida, overage hippies who got hooked in the ‘60s and ‘70’s as young, hip and high, and now on Social Security (that is if they ever worked a real job to earn it) needing to dry out for survival. Bet a significant percentage are fellow gay boys.

A former meth head trick of mine told me that a rather popular hook up site was known in its early days as “Methhunt” since it was frequented, some say even established by meth heads searching out stuff and fellow partymates.

So what’s happened to just getting it on au naturale? Like having the guy put you on that plain of ecstasy not some chem? Hell, do you have be a meth head or supplier to even get a man? Are drugs and sex not mutually exclusive?

Worse, are these guys somebody you can expect any kind of commitment from?

Abdominal Fat: Bearly Essential

That’s the title of a nutrition and exercise column which ran this week in a local gay newspaper, “The Florida Agenda” which, unlike our other gay rags that are glossy mags pushing drinks and good times, tells it like it is.  The column had the balls to point out the same issues I have a number of times in my blogs, namely that “the bear community cultivate(s) the look while achieving debilitating disease (like diabetes, heart attack and stroke). Abdominal fat is no joke when it comes to your overall health and look. The proud beer belly that is sported by this group will in turn be the death of them.”

Every time I bring up the subject of obesity in the bear community I’m criticized and lambasted as being heartless, discriminatory and not respectful of “diversity.” My response as a former NYC senior health care executive is: Bullshit! People who are grossly overweight or morbidly obese cost all of us in additional health care premiums and health care costs. Plus as a man who some would describe as the “classic”  bear (in-shape, muscular and hairy) I take offense to the term “bear” being used so loosely; in many ways, it has become a euphemism for obesity.

Must Gays Vote Democratic?

If you believe the gay media and gay activists, your homo license will be revoked if you don’t vote for Obama in November, the President who ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (actually it was the Military who threw in the towel because they were losing too many highly skilled service men and women), and who came out for gay marriage.

First, if Obama was really serious about gay marriage he would have also announced that he’s not just soft on the Defense of Marriage Act but would introduce legislation (which would probably go nowhere given the Republican majority) to repeal it. Again, that’s the federal law that prevents legally married gay couples from filing joint tax returns, inheriting Social Security survivor benefits, etc.

OK, sure I’m happy we got a guy on our side in the White House, even if some of his stances are for political reasons, but don’t you need to judge him on a much larger scale, on what is or is not going on in this increasingly fucked up country of ours? The economy, jobs, people being thrown out of their homes, run-away Wall Street, Third World education, on and on and on. If you think he’s done the best he can on these far more pressing issues rather than just whether we can get hitched,  fine, but Jesus, I’m not going to vote for somebody simply and only because he’s for gay marriage. Yep, Romney will come in and may take us back ten years, but if – and that’s a big word – if he can get us back on our feet as a nation, isn’t that more important right now? Even the media is using capital letters when it describes our lingering financial morose as the “The Great Recession.”

I’ve been very fortunate, but if I were a 32 or 42 or 52 year old gay man and out of work with no job prospects or among the 49% of new college grads who can’t find jobs to begin their careers, what would be more important to me? Paying my rent or exchanging diamond studded cock rings?


I guess what I’m saying is I hate blind allegiance. That’s what got Germany into trouble 80 years ago, remember?

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