More of The Two Most Sensual Hours of My Life

Despite Todd’s protests that Mr. Peter had kept him happy that first time we had met, I thought I would never hear from again. So, a couple of days later, I decided to accelerate the dialogue and e-d him an offer no meth head, if that’s what he was, could refuse:  “Next time, I’ll contribute to the party favors and pay you for that shot for my dick.”

He got back to me the next night, set a tentative date for that Thursday around 9, and all through that Thursday afternoon and evening he texted me to keep me abreast of what was going with his “supplier” in – where else – Miami.

“How much will I owe you?” I texted back.

“One twenty five should do it.”

With my cellphone sitting on my car seat, I drove to the ATM for some more cash, got back, took my shower  and waited. Sure I had done junk in the past but always paid for the high with a soft dick. This time I was going to have the best of both worlds – Cloud Nine while I fucked one hot motherfucker with a Daddy Dick that wouldn’t quit.

Nine o’clock became 10, then 10:30. “This guy is never on time,” quipped Todd.

“Can I take a Viagra?”

“Sure, why not? I should be at your place by 11 max.”

Forty five minters later, just as I was feeling my Big V hitting its peak, Todd arrived, dressed like he had been our first time in chaps, and a bare-chested vest.

“So how long for the shot to take effect?”  I asked as I dropped by shorts and stared at the ceiling while he jabbed my cock.

“Just a few minutes,“ he replied,  his hands massaging my penis like he was kneading dough for a pizza. “Keep doing that for a few minutes, “ he instructed as he got the junk out of his knapsack and spread his paraphernalia of pleasure over my oak dining room table.

I looked down as my dick quickly rose to attention with really nothing to excite me. Hell, someone could be reciting the telephone directory and I would be hard. But I think the biggest surprise was all the sensation I felt. I had mistakenly thought the shot was all for looks but that your dick would feel numbed up. No way. And that sensation soon swept throughout my body as I snorted the crack he had brought for me through a rolled up twenty dollar bill from the stack of bills lying on the bureau as his payment in full.

“A straw’s the best,” said Todd as he shot himself in the arm, “but a bill will always do in a pinch.”

With all these clinical mechanics now behind us, we drifted to the back bedroom where he slipped on a pair of black kid gloves and fitted me with an extra pair. In minutes, the gloves were all we were wearing. One last touch – a slug of G for each of us in some grapefruit juice he had brought along – and the Elevator to Arousal Land was on its way straight to the penthouse suite.

Now I know from past drug experiences that Tina and coke and G make you feel like you’re with the sexiest man alive even if he looked like an extra from Central Troll Casting. But what I wasn’t ready for was the extreme sensuality that the drugs created on and through every square inch of your body. Todd had me stand up in front of him as he sat on the setae and petted my pole-like dick ever so softly and ever so slowly with the kid gloves. It was like electricity was streaming throughout my being. Everywhere he touched me was golden and I could see he felt the same as I touched him. His mouth on my cock upped the sensitivity geometrically and by the time I got to fucking him – in every possible position – it was as if we had both been born for this moment.  His furry butt and body were my Temple and my dick was his God.

I knew then and still feel today that, drugs or no drugs, those hours I spent that night with Todd were the most sensual experience I ever had and would ever have with another man, and that as a career gay boy I could now die happy.

Then at about 1, he abruptly stopped, I thought for a breather, when instead he announced he would have to go soon.

“Hate to leave you like that Daddy,” gazing at my tool, still as stiff as ever despite almost two hours of sucking and fucking, “but I got a buddy coming in from Athens for the weekend on a red-eye and I’ve got to pick him up at the airport.”

The perpetual cynic in me suddenly wondered if all these histrionics had been a ploy to get me to pay for his high, but, hell, I had had my share of sexual delights, too, and was strangely content – for a change – to have lived purely in, and for the moment.

After all, no matter where we are in life or where life has taken us or will take us, is there anything else but right now?

Mr. Peter,  though, wasn’t through for the night, and after Todd left me, I went back on the web, determined, no, obsessed like some insatiable bounty hunter to find an ass – or maybe two – to fuck.

I found one ten minutes from me, a non-descript, hairless, slightly fem fifty something Latin guy who moaned like a woman as I screwed him. Then came a second, also Latin, but much younger and a good looker who had been wooing me for a while, but who lived a good 40 minutes away. But no matter.  Mr. Peter was on a mission. It wasn’t until almost 5 that morning after I had finally relieved myself with some porn on that Mr. Peter was satisfied and I collapsed into bed.

Funny, but while canvassing the “I want It Now” boys on the web that night, I found Todd still there, searching, too, this time with a new headline, “Two bottoms looking for hot tops,” the other guy apparently his Greek buddy.

Now, I teach online with no set schedule but how could Todd, still be out there looking when he supposedly had such a responsible and demanding a job. Like an expression auditors at the hospital I worked at back in New York used when financial statements were awry,  it just didn’t foot.

In the week that followed, I made it a point to check at all hours of the night – usually when I got up to take a leak – to see if Todd was on and noticed he was almost always there, ready for action. Sure, maybe he had just forgotten to log off. Or was this tale of being a hot shot compliance officer and  buying a condo for cash all horse shit and that he was actually a stone cold addict feeding his habit off the kindness of strangers, suckers like me who he could easily manipulate with one matinee smile?

But we’re all adult men, aren’t we, with the right to make choices for ourselves, both good and bad. And even I was tempted to shoot over an e-mail offering to “contribute” again.

After all, why have the most sensual  night of your life just once?

I did e-mail him one more time but when a week went by with no response, I moved on.

But the next time I hit McDonald’s  for a Big Mac and Coke,  I made sure to save the straw.

Just in case.

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