When are We Going to Get Tough – I Mean S and M Tough on Gun Control?

The “right to bear arms” in the Constitution was written over 200 years ago when America was a very different place. A reaction to the British who ruled the colonies with a heavy hand, this amendment in the Bill of Rights was also penned when we were largely agricultural and people lived in small villages or remote farms where there were no police forces or army and their only protection against those who would harm them was a gun.

Sure, people today should have the right to carry a weapon to safeguard their personal well-being depending on their circumstances, and maybe hunters should have a right to carry out their sport. But no assault weapons should ever be in the possession of citizens other than the police or armed forces. Period.  The heavy duty guns used in the Aurora, Colorado Century Theatre Massacre were purchased LEGALLY.

But notice how both Obama and Romney, in commenting on the shooting, skirted the political hot potato of gun control? As long as the NRA is one of Washington’s largest, most powerful lobbyists, will things ever ever change?

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