A Revisit to My 5/15/12 Blog, “Coming out for Gay Marriage May Be The Dumbest Thing Obama Has Ever Done – and May Hurt Us”

In that blog I argued that by supporting gay marriage, Obama may have alienated the rigidly religious among his strongest voting blocks in the 2008 election: Blacks and Latinos. Just a loss of a few percent from these groups could cost him the election and us a friend in the White House

Well, just a few days ago, a national coalition of Black clergy announced that Obama should not automatically count on the Black vote, unless he backs down on his stance re. same-sex unions, which we know he’s not going to do.

And just because Obama’s pro-gay doesn’t mean he’s going backfill any losses from Black and Latinos with a universal gay vote:  despite the Hollywood celebs who would scat for the President, there are a lot of wealthy gay guys and girls who I think may be more concerned about their taxes being raised by a Dem Administration than whether they can marry.

Another interesting fact about the upcoming election: Usually the incumbent has a strong lead over his opposing candidate; at the same time, given the continued weak economic indicators, that candidate should have been far ahead. Yet, as I write this, Obama and Romney are neck-to-neck in a virtual dead heat. Assuming the 40+% each currently enjoy is along pure party lines, independents may make the difference. Or is it neither candidate thrill us?

So who would you place your bet on for November?

2 thoughts on “A Revisit to My 5/15/12 Blog, “Coming out for Gay Marriage May Be The Dumbest Thing Obama Has Ever Done – and May Hurt Us”

  1. davieG

    There were reports that attitudes toward gay marriage within black religious communities was trending closer toward acceptance, a sign that perhaps the President’s brave stance is leading public opinion, not following it. (Disclosure: I heard this on the commie propaganda outlet MSNBC.)

    I doubt African Americans religious support will go to a Mormon, considering the church’s stance on blacks in relatively recent history. Same could be said of Hispanic voters who have been paying attention to Romney’s stances on immigration, including “self deportation” which started as a joke by a California activist in the 1990s.

    As for polls, the only ones that seem to matter, sadly, are swing state polls. Thank you, Electoral College… My blue state vote counts less than, say, the vote of your average Floridian or Iowan.

    1. You may be right – we’ll see in November – but remember that Mormons, like some religious blacks and Latinos, are against gay marriage and Mormons are still considered Christians; Obama only needs to lose a couple of percents of the Black and Latin vote to have problems. Some Latinos, abet a minority, mainly those who followed the legal path to citizenship, are not happy about illegal immigrants “getting away with it,” and the only reason we have the Electoral College is because the so-called deified Founding Fathers, the one percent of 18th century America, thought the populace, admittedly largely uneducated at the time, were too stupid to pick a President.

      Unlike a lot of gays who are sheepishly following the “company line,” I would not vote for Obama ONLY because he may be pro-gay, probably for purely political not social reasons.

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