An Olympics Observation

Not, fuckers, this is not about the hung swimmers or tight-assed gymnasts. I’m talking about the dubious stat that, for the first time in Olympic history, there are more women competing than men on Team USA.  Indicative of the gradual decline of the American male? Maybe.

I first chronicled my views on the subject in my 8/6/10 blog about gay Tinkers Bells and their str8 counterparts, Peters Pans, men who never grow up mentally or emotionally. And looking at the obesity problem in the U.S. a pet peeve of mine, and the growing waist line of not just middle-aged men, I think that when it comes to sports, most guys would rather watch than do.

Teaching college writing, I have always found the women, in general, to be smarter and more mature, and the guys overly jock-oriented and, even when they have the brains, afraid to show them off for fear they would be considered less manly by their buds. One female student even wanted to do a paper on Video Games Addiction, inspired by her boyfriend who apparently dug grabbing on to a hard joystick over sticking his own joystick in her hole.

Like I said to my female students one morning at the beginning of an 8 o’clock class where all the guys were late, “Don’t worry about the Glass Ceiling, ladies. In ten years, you’ll be running Corporate America and the guys will be reporting to you.”

P.S. Back to the Olympics: despite the fact the 2012 Games are the most watched ever, NBC stands to lose $100 million on its $1.2 billion investment to televise the Games. I guess it views this as a loss leader to get back in the good graces of the public which right now favor CBS and ABC over the Peacock.




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