From Guest Blogger, Edmon Armstrong: Why do I like men?

Another blog from another generation…

As gay men I’m sure we all end up having to answer this question one way or another. There is always that friend or family member who just has to know why you like the company of gentlemen.  It never takes me long to come up with a reason why. However people are always surprised at the answer I give them. Most straight people and gay men just want the “I was born this way” answer. I never get that, how does a baby just born in to this world have a concept of what gay means. You only know what you are because every person on the planet feels the need to tell you you’re gay all the time growing up. I on the other hand know why I like men, boys, gentlemen and whatever you want to call it.

Here is my list of Edmon reasons why men are so cool.

  1. The eyes, when I look in to a man’s eyes there is just a sparkle there I love.
  2. The hands. This may sound weird, I call this “the hand test.” All you have to do is hold a guy’s hand and just like kissing you feel this surge of electricity run over your body.
  3. The lips. Oh, the lips. Guy’s lips are very different from girl lips. When I kiss a guy it has that solid gentle feeling. ( I have kissed a girl before and I did like it, lol)
  4. Skin/the body as a whole. I love the feel of a man’s skin. I think  all men have this no matter who you are.  That rough warm feeling of it, this comes in handy when it comes to cuddling. You know that warm feeling I’m talking about.
  5. The hair. Ok, this one is completely subjective from man to man. I on the other hand love it. This one also goes with the cuddling. The feeling of chest hair can be very hot. A guy can have hair anywhere on his body, but I draw the line at under arm hair.

This is the part of the list that is about to get very rated-R

  1. Morning wood. I have never met a man yet who does not like to have sex in the morning right after waking up. I don’t care if you think you need to brush your teeth. I can tell us both want it now.
  2. We both have the same equipment. I know this may sound stupid but hey I love this fact. We both know what we like without having to couch each other through it.
  3. Top, bottom, verse, verse top, verse bottom whatever. Unlike our straight counter parts, we can experience all that sex haves to offer.
  4.  This is the big one. This is one I can’t explain in words. Just being around a guy makes me feel like a can do anything and everything. I have that need to make sure that their ok all the time. I feel like I have to protect them, even if their more of a bad ass than I am. I feel like I can do weird shit in front of them and they just get it. I love men because…damn it their just so awesome.

You can find more of Edmon’s perspective at his own blogsite, Or tweet him at Writing Boy@EdmonArmstrong.

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