For the past two years I’ve posted my daily blog, “Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man” where I’ve pontificated on just about facet of American gay subculture from sex (of course) to politics to hot spots to what I think makes us tick. All from the perspective of an ordinary gay man who’s seen and lived it all: Heady Gay Liberation, the Wild and Wicked Yet Strangely Innocent 70’s, the Genocidal 80’s, the Hesitant 90’s, right through the 21st Century Techno Obsession where we are today. Both a blessing and a curse, it has forever changed the gay landscape.

There are some of you who have applauded and lauded me for telling it like it is, not like the all-so-politically-correct gay pundits and activists tell us it should be; and there are others who have reviled me as a an arrogant, myopic, self-centered, heartless, uncaring,  narcissist deceiving asshole  – all true.  So be it. It’s my blog and I’ve said want I wanted to say; if you think differently, go write your own. That’s why God – not Al Gore – invented the internet.

I’ve also shared with you some of my most intimate experiences with the men I’ve known, loved and even slept with. And yes, what I told you was pretty much as it happened – no fiction writing here. Most of my encounters over the years have been mundane, even pedestrian, a few comical, a few hauntingly frightful, and a handful – maybe five in a lifetime – iconic, the kind of encounters and relationships gay men live for.

Yes, I guess I’ve been lucky.

But now I feel I’ve said just about all I wanted to say, and that it’s time to hang up my jockstrap, figuratively at least, and move on to other creative endeavors like my third work of gay fiction.

But who knows? I may return some day here to let it all hang out again with some more true confessions of a str8 gay man. After all, when it comes to being gay,  or living, never say never. You may also want to check my new blog, “A Furry Man’s Journal” at, debuting September 15.

Meanwhile for the curious, below is a directory by subject of all the BS I’ve posted – Yikes! Did I write all that? – just in case one cold and lonely night you get bored with your favorite porn.

And if you’re in the mood for some raunchy gay tales with a film noir flair, check out my other site,; or my e-books on’s Kindle or Barnes and Nobles’ ( Nook, “Basic Butch” and “Not in It For the Love” under me, RP Andrews.

“Basic Butch” is my collection of edgy short stories set in some of America’s leading gay venues, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Fort Lauderdale and involve characters – gay men and women – whose arrogant, aggressive natures lead them down life paths they wished they had never explored. Walks on the beach these stories ain’t.

“Not In It For the Love,” a novella, is the story of Josh, an 18 year old psychopathic Florida drifter, whose body and cocky attitude are all he has to offer the world. Bishop, a successful Wall Street power broker, convinces Josh to leave the life of a cheap motel hustler and come away with him to Manhattan where he introduces him to The Good Life as his trophy boy. Yet for Josh, sex remains a momentary pleasure, or more often, a commodity for sale, and killing – beginning with his own parents – a practical way to make problems go away. And when Hylan, a fellow drifter, enters his life, Josh realizes killing is the only way for him to hold on to what matters. That is, until 9/11 changes everything.

For more, check out the pages listed under my blog masthead

Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man Subject Directory

Below is a directory of the subjects I’ve posted since I started Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man for your virgin enjoyment or hardcore rediscovery. Use the date and the monthly archive in the lower right column to retrieve.

Category headings:

  • The Gay Psyche
  • Gay Culture
  • Gay Issues and Politics
  • Man Make-over
  • Sex and Where To Find It
  • My Life and Loves as a Hirsute Man
  • Gay Personas
  • Relationships
  • Playing the Web
  • Friends, Family And Holidays
  • The Wizard! The Wizard!: Gays and God
  • Tripping: My Take on Some So-called Gay Travel Hotspots
  • Hangin’ Loose in SoFlo (South Florida)
  • Florida’s Gay Campgrounds  

The Gay Psyche

7/19/10 The Silent Majority
7/21, 22/10 Shades of Gay
7/20/10 The New Millennium Gay Lexicon
9/7/10 The Homophobic Homosexual
1/15/11 One Guy’s Lament: “I Hate Being Gay. It’s a Lonely, Miserable Life”
8/14,15/10 Telling Your World
2/15/11 What We Look For In a Man
8/3/10 Looking for Mr. Good Dick
2/17/11 How Far Would You Go For Mr. Right?
2/24/11 Kodak Moments
9/8.10,11/10 Forty Years Post Gay Liberation: What Went Wrong?
5/12, 13/11 The Male Gay Baby Boomer
8/28, 29/10 The Inferiority/Superiority Meter: Our Fragile Egos in Overdrive
2/27/11 What’s Gauche in Straight life is Hot in Gaydom
12/15/10 Me, Myself and I: Super Egos
5/7/11 You Ready for Retirement? (I don’t mean from sex, dude)
1/21/11 Canine Obsession
5/10/11 Rite of Passage
5/5/11 What the Fuck?! Crazy People, Crazy Moments
1/24, 26/11 Ten Minutes Left in the Candy Store: Coming Out Late in Life
5/17/11 Gay Happiness
3/21/12 Age and Attitude
3/23/12 Twenty Somethings: The Pan Sexual Generation?
3/24/12 The Warren Beatty Complex


Gay Culture

1/9/11 Is There Really a Gay Community?
8/4/10 The Guy Bar: An Endangered Species?
10/22,23,24/10 The U.S. Leather Scene: On Life Support?
 5/16/11 The Gay Gap: Segregation from Without – and Within
11/16/10 Twenty Somethings: The Pan-Sexual Generation?
10/13/10 Personal Reflections on the Gay Bullying Epidemic
4/23/11 Gay Double Speak
4/25/11 The Gay Nude Sub-Culture
8/9, 10/10 “Don’t Flush for Piss:” The Sleaze Factor
1/7/11 The Next Best Gay Bar
4/24/11 Gay Pride: Proud About What?
8/22/10 “You Party?”
2/24/11 Girley Man
11/17/10 Gays and Their Cell Phones, iphones, Blackberrys, etc.
1/22/11 Cruising in Limbo
1/30/11 My Beef with Men’s Fitness Magazine
11/7/10;4/16/12 Is Logo Exploitation Television? Is Logo Going Str8?
9/3/10 Was “Queer as Folk” For Real?
2/6/11 Stalkers
1/5/11 Gay Guys and Their Girl Friends
1/28/11 Oz vs. Kansas: The Urban Scene vs. Rural Nowhere
11/29/10 Lauderdale’s Leather Masked Ball
10/29/10 Halloween, South Florida Style
1/23/11 Lauderdale’s Top Gay “Professions”
11/26/10 SoFlo Tourists: A Necessary Evil
1/3/11 My 2020 Predictions for Gay Life
11/01/12 Beefcake TV: It’s About Fucken Time!
4/13/11 Florida’s Gay Rodeo: No Brokeback Mountain
3/6/12 Trouble in Gaytown?
3/8/12 “Cruising,” The Movie: A Gay Docudrama Of How It Was
3/22/12 The F Word (F for “Fag”)
3/22/12 Living in Tinseltown (South Florida)
3/30/12 Are American Men As Stupid As TV, Movies, Advertising Make Them Out To Be?
4/7/12 Wake Up Guys! Gay Cruises, Gay Days: They’re Not about Acceptance, They’re All About Our $$$
4/11/12 “My Week With Marilyn”: Michelle, I Knew Marilyn and You’re No Marilyn
4/9,12/12 Transgenderism Part of Gay Culture? Transgender This!
4/17/12 Gay Society’s One Percent
4/18/12 Gay History: Do The Young’ens Know? Or Even Care?
4/21/12 The Gay Rodeo’s in Town! OK and?
4/26/12  My Top Ten Worse Fag Bad Habits Out of the Bedroom
5/13/12 Lauderdale’s Beach Bear Weekend: More Social Than Sex

Gay Issues and Politics

10/8/10 Power in Numbers: We Could Fill the State of Texas and Then Some!
10/10/10 Gays and Adoption: Big News in the Sunshine State
12/19/10;1/15/12 It’s About Fucken Time: Gays and the Military
12/13,14/10 The AIDS Crisis: Victims, Self Inflicted
10/25,26/11 Gay Marriage Reality Check Time
12/1/11 What To Do About Florida’s AIDS Crisis NOW
12/20/11 Feds Say Real Estate Flipping Caused the Bust: How Gays Contributed To the Mess
12/28/11          White Party BS: When The Fuck Is AIDS Resource Gonna Wake Up?
1/13/12 Profanity on Broadcast TV: Hey Supreme Court? Ever Watch “Two & a Half Men?”
1/15/12 Flattery From the Pope
3/11/12 The HIV Health Care Access Working Work Policy: The Devil’s in The Details
3/13/12 “Pill Anyone?”: The Contraception Controversy
3/19/12 On The Subject of Marriage (Again)
12/4/11 Repealing DOMA Is Critical to Making Gay Marriage Work
4/21/12 Some More Good News Re. Gay Marriage
4/25/12 HIV Stigma
5/11/12 Is The Whole Gay Marriage Thing Going Down The Crapper?
5/15/12 Coming Out for Gay Marriage May Be the Dumbest Thing Obama Has Done
5/18/12 AIDS: Why Are We Still Even Talking About It?
6/13/12 Gay Marriage Showdown Destined for the Supreme Court?


Man Make-Over

2/28/11 Getting in Shape for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now)
3/1, 2/11 Working Out and More Tales from the Gym
3/3,4/11 Cosmetic Surgery
3/5, 6/11 Rejuvenation Therapy: Mr. T and More


Sex and Where to Get It

2/27/11 So What Are You Looking For NOW?
8/11/10 The Dickter (as in Rickter) Scale
2/8/11 The Perfect Cock, the Perfect Butt: What’s Your Favorite?
2/4/11 What’s YOUR Body Count?
8/30, 9/1/10 A Hard Dick Is Hard To Find: America’s Erection Crisis
2/12, 13/11 What Happened To Lust?
2/7/11 Getting it Up and Keeping It Up: Those Magic Pills
2/9/11 Getting It Up and Keeping It Up: It’s All in Your Head
11/15/10 The Comings and Goings of Cumming
3/7, 8, 9/11 Baths and Sex Clubs
3/11, 10/11 Rating the Hook-up Sites
3/12/11 Making a Scene: Public Sex
1/8/11 Fuck Buddy Groups
8/5/10 The Fine Art of Cocksucking
2/22/11 Is Cocksucking a Lost Art?
1/16/11 Oral Only, Anyone?
5/5/11 The Magic Triangle
10/8,9/10 Bearcrashing
11/14, 11/29/10 Huge Cocks: Is Bigger Really Better?
11/27, 28/10 Underwear Nite at the Ramrod
12/4/10 Extreme Sex: X Marks The Spot
12/5, 6/10 This Hand Was Made for Fisting
12/8/10 Asphyxiation: How Tight Do You Want It?
12/10 Scat: Dirty Little Secrets
9/15/10 Fetishes: Strange Bedfellows
3/17, 18/11 Second Hand Sex
2/11/11 Talking Dirty
4/26-30/11 Picking Up Str8 Guys
2/10/11 Being a Pig Ain’t All Fun
1/31/11 Double Booking
3/28/11 7 Men, 32 Hours
3/14, 15, 16/11 Midnight At The Oasis: Friday Nite at The Local Sex Club
4/3/11 Rim Away!
1/2/12 Hard-on Day Dreaming
1/18/12 Getting Off the Assembly Editing Way
1/26/12 When Is Sex Addiction Not Sex Addiction
2/16/12 The Tina Fuck (No, Not Fuck Tina) Diet
3/11/12 The Res-Erection of Barebacking
3/18/12 The Way of All Flesh
3/18/12 Bottoms Up!
3/25, 4/30/12 What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Have Sex for A Year?
3/29/12 Not Happy With the Size of Your Dick?
4/6/12 Total Tops, Total Bottoms
4/11/12 What I’ve Learned About Fucking Men From Fucking Men
4/14/12 Is In-The-Flesh Sex Losing Out to Cyber Sex?
4/27/12 They Should Call It P-Pad (P for Porn)
4/28/12 My Top Worse Fag Habits in the Bedroom
5/3/12 So What’s My Fantasy? My REAL Fantasy?
6/26/12 The New Meat Syndrome
6/27/12 So What’s One Way for a Sex Pig to Go Celibate?
6/27/12 Go Fuck Yourself (Now You Can!)
7/1/12 Drugs and Sex: Inseparable?
7/21/12 Going Versatile


My Life and Loves as a Hirsute Man

8/21/10 It’s All About The Fur
2/21/11 My Life as a Furry Guy
2/23/11 Furry Backs
2/25, 26/11 Hairy Men I Have Known, Loved and Even Slept With
6/14-16/11 My Month as a Rentboy
2/17/12 My 15 Minutes of Fame (More Like 57) In Porn
3/16/12 I’m An Older Gay Man Who Likes Older Guys But …
5/30,31;6/1/12 The Memorial Day Weekend Diary of a Pig
6/13/12 Hirsute Phobia
7/8, 9/12 The Two Most Sensual Hours in My Life With The Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Known
7/10, 11/12 Friday Night and Saturday Morning: More With The Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Known
8/17, 18/12 How My Last Blow-Out with The Sexiest Man in My Life Almost Became the Nightmare of My Life
9/11/11 9-11: I Was There.

Gay Personas

 4/3/11 Technos
4/5/11 Bears
4/7/11 Muscle Bears
8/20/10 The Belt Loop Boys
4/4/11 Peter Pans and Tinker Bells
4/8/11 Closet Cases
4/9/11 Bi’s
4/10/11 Extremos
4/6/11 Flickers
5/15/11 A Tale of Two Men
1/29/11 Party Boy
10/17/10 The Perfect Fuck
12/23/10 Airheads
12/1,3/10 This Dad Has Two Sons
1/17/11 On Your Knees: My Born Again Manhunt Hook-up
12/27-31/10 Meth Heads: Ode to Mitch
3/18/12 A Boy and His Dog
3/20/12 The 2012 Airhead of The Year Award
3/21/12 The New Age Flasher
3/26/12 Career Gays vs. Professional Gays
4/20/12 The Flypaper Boys
4/27/12 The Asshole of the Month Award
5/2/12 Klone Kevin
5/4/12 So What’s a Daddy Dick?
5/5/12 Heterosexists
6/21/12 Silent Sex: Making it with a Deaf Guy



For my blogs on Gay Marriage see “Gay Issues and Politics”

8/2310 “Seeking LTR”: You Sure About That?
2/14/11 Gay LTR’s: Fantasy or Fact?
2/18/11 Making Relationships Work: Do’s and Don’ts
9/25/10 Monogamy: Another Gay Myth
9/12/10 Signs Something’s Amiss (in Your LTR)
8/12/10 Fuck Buddies
2/16/11 Partners Vs. Fuck Buddies: Who’s Better?
2/19/11 Fuckin’ Around (and Married)
9/26, 27/10 Threesomes: Utterly Decadent or Somewhat Problematic?
2/20/11 So You’re Calling It Quits: Getting Out Gracefully
2/2/11 Boys Don’t Cry: Are We Adult Males or Love Sick Adolescent Girls?
3/31/12 Ten Reasons Why Taking My Partner to Key West Was A Mistake
4/8/12 Monogamy Double Talk
4/18/12 Honesty in Relationships
4/25/12 He’s There Somewhere. Waiting. Waiting for You.
7/22/12 Those Who Don’t Have an LTR Want One, Those That Do, Want Out
8/3/12  Excess Baggage


 Sex Slots: Playing The Web

3/19/11 The Web: The New Millennium’s Gay Addiction
7/28/10 Confessions of a Cyber-spike Addict
3/20/11 Cyberspikes: Almost As Good As You Know What
3/21, 22/11 What Works and Doesn’t in a Web Profile
10/20/10?? Family Albums
3/25/11 “Caution: You Have Just Entered The No Fuck Zone.”
3/23, 24/11 Hook-up Fuck-offs, Cyberstyle
3/26, 27/11 Cyber Mindfuckers
2/5/11 Will These Web Boys Shit or Get Off the Pot?
5/5/11 Reading Between The Lines
5/4/11 “BTW, I want let you know I’m Poz, if that’s OK with you”
5/1/11 Are The Hook-up Sites Getting Prudish?
9/4/10 Web Hook-ups from Hell: Cruising in Craig Country
1/16/12 Chat with Some Hunk in Dubai Lately?
3/26/12 Thank the Gay God For My Midnight IM Saviors
4/5/12 How To Reply to a Totally Unsolicited Web Hit
4/24/12 How NOT to Hit Up a Guy You Really Want on the Web
5/1/12 Get Ur &&;LA DY ##hOT 2niTE With a {tOOL th at deLIVERES
5/3/12 Hook-up Gems
5/4/12 Wireless Café
5/23/12 Hey Dude, You’re Fucken Hot, I’d Loving Getting Together But …
6/13/12 Front Page News in South Florida: Grindr!
6/27/12 Odd Man Out – More Web Weirdies
6/27/12 He Sounds Like A Great Guy, But …
6/29/12 The Web:A Numbers Game, & Like Vegas, the Odds Are Against You


Friends, Family and Holidays

8/17, 18/10 Friends of the Friendless
12/19/10 Friends, Vacation and Fucking
12/21/10 Why I Hate The Holidays
5/8/11 Memories of My Own “Mommie Dearest”
12/21/11 Christmas Cheer?
4/22, 23/12 When Alien Worlds Collide: Boring Suburban Relatives vs. Evil Urban Me
5/13/12 My Mother’s Day Royal Fuck-up
3/13/12 Dad: My First Sex Object
5/28/12 Remembering Dad on Memorial Day

The Wizard! The Wizard!: Gays and God

12/20 Yes, God Loves Us.
12/22 What If Jesus Were Bi?


Tripping: My Take on Some So-Called Gay Travel Hotspots

5/2/11 The Pig Vacation Planner
9/29, 10/1/10 San Francisco: Resting on Its Gay Laurels?
11/19-21/10 Key West Techno
12/11, 12/10 California Dreaming
4/15/11 Tampa and St. Pete’s
5/14/12 St. Pete’s Revisited
4/13/11 New Orleans
4/14/11 Chicago
7/14, 15/12 Montreal: Land of the Uncut 2010 vs. 2012
4/22/11 London, Paris
1/12/11 Seattle Seedy   
8/5-8/12 Cruising and Making It In Berlin

 Hangin’ in So Flo (South Florida)

 3/29/11 Hanging in SoFlo
10/16/11 Sebastian Beach, Fort Lauderdale’s Gay Sandbox
3/30, 31/11 Haulover: SoFlo’s Nude Beach
4/2/11 The Bar Scene for the Str8 Gay Man
1/10/11 Blowing A Load: Places to Have Sex (Legally) in Lauderdale


Florida’s Gay Campgrounds

2/05/12 Campground Cruising
11/5, 6/10 Cockteasing at Sawmill Campgrounds
7/5/12 No Life On Mars (Mars, Florida’s Gay Campgrounds That Is Is)
12/12/11;7/28/12 Vitambi Springs


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