A Guide To Those Magic Love Pills

What is it all about when it comes to man-to-man sex? Whether you’re giving it or getting it, it’s all about a hard cock.

Now if you’re under 30 and don’t get a boner within 28 seconds of getting into it with your kind of guy, well buddy, maybe you like girls. Get married and contribute to the birth rate, so there are more boy childs born to replenish our ranks, will ya?

But for those of us career gays who are on the north side of the Big 3-0, sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help. Enter the pharms that brought so many guys – straight and otherwise – with, shall we say, performance issues, out of the closet and made Viagra and its copycats like Cialis and Levitra some the greatest sellers in drug history. Take it from me, though, you don’t have to buy the name brand; generic equivalents work just fine and are a fraction of the cost.

And when it comes to suppliers, the one I’ve used with consistent reliability and no rip-offs is 4Rx.com. New customer? Just answer a few med history questions (the only one you’re fucking if you lie is yourself),  and you’re on your way to some of the best hard-ons of your life.

Now I happen to like the Viagra knock-offs. Buy the 100 mg. tablets since they’re less costly in the end and cut them in half. Fifty mils should be more than enough for a session with your man. However, I admit I’ve occasionally experienced a few of the side-effects like lightheadedness and blurred vision, but I think that usually happens when I’ve taken a whole 100 mgs as insurance if I know I’ve got the world series coming up and I’m playing the lead pitcher. My best bud  swears by Cialis that he claims doesn’t give him any of those problems. Unfortunately, Mr. C does nothing for me. So, since each of us are different,  take advantage of the 4Rx starter pack with samples of all three rod loaders and test out which works best on your pecker before you order a larger quantity to save bucks.

Remember, too, the shit is usually coming from the other side of the world like India, so allow a good 2 weeks for your sex candy to arrive, all very discreetly packaged like they used to disguise porn back in the thirties when it was illegal to send “obscene material” in the mail. A word to the wise: after you first order online, you’ll start getting a shit load of spam from dozens of competitors. I especially get a kick out of the ones with messages like, “Make your special lady real happy tonite!”

Now with the conventional Viagra (not the soft tabs that cost more), you’ve got to give it a good 30 to 40 minutes to work. That’s why you need to schedule your sexual trysts or pop the pill before you leave for your favorite sexual haunt. You don’t want Mr. Peter all wimpy if five minutes after you walk into that truckstop john, some beefy, smelly, hairy six foot slab of man comes over and begins groping you.

So how do you know when it’s working? First, you’ll feel a rush to your brain, then to your dick that will be super-sensitive and ready for action. In fact, once you get into it with your special someone or that proper stranger, your dick will not only look bigger, it will feel like it’s not attached to you at all but is some alien creature with a mind of its own.

While they promise six hours of ridin’ high, I find for me, my most effective time with a dose is the first 60 minutes. And be ready hours later when you’re in bed, after you’ve done the nasty, to find that Mr. Peter is up and at it again and won’t say no until you take care of his needs. That’s when a man next to you comes in handy.

But for all its magic, Mr. V or C or L won’t work if the stimulation ain’t there, and that means upstairs in your brain, not a hand between your legs.

Tomorrow: The Res-erection of Barebacking

2 thoughts on “A Guide To Those Magic Love Pills

  1. Jake

    Im going to be visiting FTL this weekend and foing to 321..
    Can you recommend a website tha tyou ve had good luck with to order the knock offs from?

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