Fuck Buddy Groups

I was a member of a fuck buddy group back in my NYC days and recently Mr. Kay hit me up on adam4adam to join a SoFlo group he ran which held play parties twice a month, one in Miami, the other in Lauderdale. “You’ll really like the guys,” he insisted, “they’re just what you’re looking for.” Well, I had a chance to check out the Lauderdale pp, but as I suspected, the same “issues” I had encountered in New York surfaced here.

First, Mr. Kay claims there are over 900 guys who are members of his group, based on yahoo. Parties, usually held at somebody’s house, can only accommodate 25, and my experience has been that it’s more or less the same universe of guys who go to these things in the end with a sprinkling of an occasional newbie or two. Anybody who’s gonna make a fuck buddy party is usually there halfway through the gig so you know what you got to choose from by then. If there’s nobody interested in you or you interested in them, you’re sitting there pulling Mr. Peter while you watch some porn that isn’t really to your liking anyway.

Me? I like ‘em on the hairy humpy side (no, they don’t have to have perfect bodies) and of the 15 or so guys at the Lauderdale “event,” 14 were smooth as silk, and 10 were just average or below average in the bods department.

By contrast, a sex club like Slammers has guys coming in and out most of the prime time hours of a weekend Friday or Saturday, so even if the love of your life isn’t there at a particular moment, there’s always the potential he might suddenly walk into your life and sweep you off your feet into an unoccupied booth.

Another problem. So you find a guy you can get turned on by and he by you. You find out five minutes into your little rendezvous on a mattress I wouldn’t have my dog lay on that he’s sticking his finger up your ass. No, no. At least on the web, you can do some product clearing, i.e., compare what each of you are into before you waste one another’s time.

Third, and I remember it well in NYC, there’s a lot of indiscriminate fucking going on, mostly non-condomed. Not a good thing even if all you want to do is suck some cock – how many asses was it in before it got to your mouth?

Fourth, me being a somewhat active gay boy, I already had had at least a third of the men in the room during my past nine years in SoFlo, so interest in them or interest in me was mutually waning.

Lastly, there’s too much chatter while most of the guys are waiting for something to happen, either with themselves or with someone else who they can then watch like members of Peeping Toms Anonymous. Very, very distracting to hear a guy talk about Rhianna or how crossing the border into Florida made him a bottom while I’m trying to hold on to my hard on with some so-so guy.

Can you have fun at a fuck buddy party? Sure. But just have in mind what favorite clip on xtube.com you plan to jerk off over when you get home if you don’t.

Tomorrow: The Fine Art of Cocksucking

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