Creating A Scene: Public Sex

There are two kinds of Public Sex: the sanctioned and the unsanctioned. For both, you have to be a super exhibitionist and not prone to distractions, i.e., keeping your dick up and focused even when some pudgy four foot ten guy behind you is stroking your left cheek; and for the second, you also have to be a risk taker, wanting the forbidden fruit in strange places where you aren’t supposed to be on the hunt.

Sanctioned havens for public sex include the orgy rooms, steam rooms and glory holes of the sex clubs and bathhouses, and the backrooms of some of the bars, usually the dreggy leather/ levi variety. There’s where “Creating A Scene” can be fun, where you’re having your fifteen (or more likely seven and a half) minutes of fame up there on some platform with three or four guys working you over (one swallowing your dick, another with his tongue up your ass, you get the picture, right?) and double that number of poor fags playing audience, pulling on their puds as they watch their own live porn movie. Nothing beats it for an ego lift even if, once it’s over, the same guy who was eating your ass steps on your foot in the john.

Up to the early 2000’s, backrooms used to be a popular part of the Lauderdale gay experience and reputation. A few, in land locked bars, were no bigger than a closet; others, at bars that benefited from fenced in patios, were under carnival-like tents. Again, timing is everything in life, and these haunts where guys cavorted with one another in the dark, a bottle of cold beer in one hand and a hot cock in the other, were usually late night occurrences when the number of men had reached critical mass. Then a few years ago, according to the local urban myth, some stupid, ultra-horny fucks decided to go beyond the “normal” boundaries and do it ON the bar, and the cops could look away only for so long. More likely, one jealous bar owner turned another bar owner in. But like an almost extinct species, backroom action is enjoying a renaissance, even if the employees, what we regulars like to call the “penis police,” bluntly order guys they catch in action to “keep it in your pants.”

Now, the unsanctioned spots for Public Sex like public bathrooms, truck stops, secluded beaches, or hiking trails can give you a rush. But they can also be problematic legally (like being arrested for lewd behavior, sucker) socially (with straight-and-narrow passers-by, or some trucker who threatens to cut your prick off), and logistically (sticking your dick or ass through that tiny space at the bottom of a bathroom stall has got to be uncomfortable).

And with both sanctioned and unsanctioned venues, there’s always the specter of unsafe sex where lust overcomes logic (like the guys bent over on some orgy room couch getting fucked by an endless array of unknown penises).

Riis Park, a very popular beach in NYC, used to have its nude section where, behind hastily erected screens, guys would screw and suck as a friend played watch. That all ended when the feds moved in and Riis was absorbed into the federal Gateway National Park System. But folks tell me there’s still gay and straight sex action going on at Robert Moses, further up the coast on, yes, suburban Long Island.

Here in schizophrenic Lauderdale, both as gay and as redneck South as you can get (schools in Lauderdale weren’t desegregated until 1971), a former homophobic Bible Belt mayor turned thumbs down on public johns by the beach because he was concerned that us fags would use them for fornication. Perish the thought! Davie Beach, further south, where guys played in the dunes and the changing hut, was completely disemboweled a few years ago, again, many suspect, to punish us gayboys.

Still, bulldozers and tight-assed politicians can’t keep a hard dick down. After all, aren’t we always more turned on when we know we’re breaking the norm? Hell, a fuck buddy of mine in PA convinced me to fuck him in the woods over some fallen trunk. Undeniably hot! (Just watch the splinters.)

But everything has its place, I guess, and I’m, often than not, just an old fashioned boy who still prefers a bed or sofa and a door. Though I got to tell you, dining room chairs with cut-outs make terrif glory holes!

Hold me back buddy.

Tomorrow: Huge Cocks: Is Bigger Really Better?

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