Oral Only Anyone?

Here’s another one of my intimate true confessions:

I sell myself as a top and am told that I’m a good fuck but I do this mainly because in this sub-culture, and particularly in Fuck Lauderbottom, promising anal sex seems to the only way to lure a guy into bed. But if you asked what I really prefer, what really turns Mr. Peter on, it’s oral only all the way. In fact, I get so frustrated in finding guys on my wavelength that I thought maybe I should start my own hook-up site, “Oral Only.” (A webmaster buddy of mine is doing just that.)

Why oral?

Besides the obvious – while not impossible, there’s a lot less chance of STD’s, including AIDS –  what more could a guy’s guy want than to worship the essence of his manhood and him yours. And while some guys at my favorite sex club, Slammers, are trying to break Olympic records sucking my dick, when I got a piece in front of my nose, I like to take it nice and slow, savor that pre-cum, that throbbing rod, those low hangers – you get the picture – with religious fervor. Hell, give me the right guy – for me 6 to 8 inches cut – and I can go on for hours (at least in my wet dreams).

And even if a guy doesn’t have much in the looks or bod departments, if he has the Magic Triangle, I can have fun with him. What’s the Magic Triangle you ask? That crotch area that cuts across the abs just above the pubes, punctuated on each side by the hip bone and ending at the tip of his dick.

If the Magic Triangle looks good, nice tight skin, some fuzz, a hairy bush, low hangers and a nice thick cut cock, well, there’s no stopping me. But even if the guy looks and acts like Brad Pitt, if he’s shaved his pubes, has no balls and a puny dick, sorry man, it ain’t gonna happen.  At least for me, though I try, I do try, to get into the zone, believe me.

Eating out some raw, hairy pits is great too. But please, no deodorant. I want to smell the man, not the Old Spice. And when it comes to rimming, (that hole’s gotta be clean, of course) give me hairy, manly butt and me and my tongue are in Male Heaven!

Tomorrow: The Fine Art of Fucking

One thought on “Oral Only Anyone?

  1. I feel the same way about cocks and sucking them. It’s almost as if I worship them.
    I love the way they feel in my hands,the way they slide down my throat…
    I LOVE to take my time…and to hear a man groan with pleasure is an incredible turn on. I WANT to do a good job….I want my reward.

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