This Election: The Great Gay Divide?

OK, I’ll confess. I’m a gay man who’s voting for Romney. And though it may surprise some of you, political pundits in our subculture are predicting as many as 40% of us will vote Republican. Sacrilegious, ain’t it?  Well, as my somewhat liberal, Democratic-leaning local paper in Lauderdale in endorsing Romney for President put it, “Now ‘s not the time to worry about social issues. Now’s the time to worry about jobs.”

Here’s my view of the world and one shared by other gay men I’ve spoken to:  I couldn’t care less about gay marriage, as noble as this cause may be and as much as we deserve it as citizens, when our country is going down the sewer economically.  I realize a Republican, namely George Bush, who should have been impeached, created a lot of the mess, but so too did Big Daddy Clinton who pushed through the more liberal laws regarding mortgages that eventually led to the real estate debacle. And yes, Obama tried where he could, fighting a rebellious Congress, to make amends. But I’m genuinely concerned about his increasingly socialistic agenda, depicting Washington as the Great Father, and he’s said nothing new on how he plans to flip things around. Romney for all his faults – I don’t agree with his stance on abortion and gun control, for example – is a business man and a former governor who turned a bleeding Massachusetts around while he was in the State House.  And that’s what we need right now.

Of course, it’s great to have a man on Pennsylvania Avenue who’s sympathetic to our civil rights. But you don’t vote for a guy, as our gay media almost orders us we should, just and only because he’s for gay rights, which, cynic me, feels was a political not altruistic gesture anyway.

If you ride through some of the gayer high end neighborhoods here in Lauderdale, Romney signs litter the lawns. At the same time, I got into several heated discussions with guys, one at party, the other in the bar, who when I admitted who I was leaning towards, got all indignant for me abandoning the “company line.” I know I’m stereotyping here, but both happened to be poz guys, still thinking at 48 or 53 the party would never end, not working, or never having held down a “real” job, who were collecting Social Security Disability and a number of other perks as a result of their status.  Contrast that with middle class folks like myself and even the fat cats I just spoke about who have been working all our lives, paying taxes through the nose, plus SS, plus Medicare, and are helping support the “free ride” these guys are enjoying, many of whom because of the human growth hormone and other shit they’re prescribed, look like brick shithouses but somewhat aren’t fit enough to work for a living.

Buddy, we got a shit load of those kinds of guys down here in Ft. La-dee-dah.

And I also know HIV- poz guys who feel the same way I do about the spongers, who work responsible jobs, don’t take assistance when they could,  and pay for their own meds to the tune of as much as $3800 a month. (That’s close to fifty grand a year we’re paying for those on the dole.)

No surprise, then, the free riders rather see Obama than a cold hearted, homophobic cost cutter like Romney in the White House. But they’re naïve if they think whoever wins won’t have to face the music  when it comes to the federal budget and obscene federal deficit and not have to make some heavy, and often unpopular choices. Like maybe requiring people on SSI to undergo a physical exam once every six months, and if they’re deemed capable of working, get them off the dole. After all, you don’t get AIDS, a preventable disease, eating at a Chinese restaurant.  Or cutting back on every fucken special interest cause out there, like assisting folks with hanged toenail syndrome while our bridges are collapsing, our high school drop rate zooms ever higher, and China runs with the ball.

Hell, ever hear of self-reliance?

No rocket science when I say this: it’s going to be a very, very tight election, maybe decided by a few thousand votes, and I predict Romney may win the majority vote but Obama will win the Presidency on the basis of the antiquated Electoral College vote. Superstorm Sandy and its impact on folks in the North being able to vote or even giving a shit when their house is gone may also play a wild card role.

But no matter who’s in the White House come January 20, 2013, we’re all still in for a bumpy ride.

3 thoughts on “This Election: The Great Gay Divide?

  1. dp runde

    For the record under Gov. Romney Mass. was 47th in job creation and he saddled the state with a huge debt just like the parasytic Bain Capital did to any number of companies before that “vampire squid company” stuck it’s blood funnel into it. That’s one of Bains modus operandi: find a healthy company, saddle it with leveraged debt then sell off it’s parets. They are an economic chop shop And please for the love of all that is holy, can we finally drop the meme that government should be run like a business? No business would build roads, airports, staff fire departments across the entire country. Mabey in wealthy enclaves like SO FLA. Govt provides where individuals and businesses can’t/won’t. And thank god the adults remain in charge of the White House and Senate. Also, when you deduct you motgage interest payments from your taxes remeber that Romney probably would have cut them. I say probably because he never bothered to explain which loophole he was going to close while upping military spending and cutting taxes while cutting the deficit. Wow…run on sentance rants are fun.

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