Election Postscript

Romney, the guy I voted for because I thought a fresh perspective on the economy was needed, may have lost, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Romney garnered 72% of the white male vote (Bush won in 2008 with less) but Obama persevered because he was supported by the “minorities,” the former outliers in our society, Latinos, blacks, and, yes, 2 out of three of us gay men and women. So, whoever your favorite was, that alone is something to cheer about. Finally, we count and, yes, they’re listening.

Almost 70% of the openly gay candidates nation-wide won, and gay marriage is now legal – not by judicial fiat but my popular vote – in two  more states.

To paraphrase one political pundit, the days when the straight white male could call the shots are now over.

It’s about time the time-assed politicians respect individual civil rights, period, instead of using their opposition to them as diversional tactics, and instead move on to the larger issues – like the economy  – that affect everybody.

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