So Much for the Butch Boys

First it was hunk Alex O’Loughlin who had to take a hiatus from “Hawaii 5-0” for rehab after getting hooked on pain pills following an on-set injury. Now it’s Big Guy Gerald Butler of that soft gay porn flick “300” who’s checked into a rebab center for “pain management” – transition pain pill addiction.

What gives? In their flicks they ooze butch masculinity and come out of death defying events that would kill us mortals without barely a scratch. Yet these same Super Butch Personas are wouses when it comes to tolerating pain since it sounds like they pop oxycodone like M and M’s.

They remind me of the Pretty Pretty Humpy Hairy Men I see on a typical Saturday night at my typical Saturday night haunt, the Ramrod, the leather bar here in Lauderdale who get you dripping just looking at them. Then you find out 6 out of ten are HIV poz boys, shooting up steroids and growth hormone, 7 out of ten talk like little girls, and 8 out of ten  have shlock jobs without a pot to piss in.

Ah, but physical beauty can be blinding, can’t it?

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