What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This ad ran in one of Lauderdale’s  gay rags but given its sponsor, The Centers for Disease Control, one of the most prestigious government agencies in the world, I’m sure it’s popping up all over the country.

OK, so what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. To begin with,  the headline, “Let’s Stop HIV Together.” Huh? one of them’s already got it.
  2. Chris, the guy on the left, has been poz since 2011. 2011! Testing is fine, but by then you could already be infected.  And as far as knowing a guy’s status as a preventative measure, as I’ve said before, barebacking is making a comeback so so much for knowing your potential bedroom partner’s poz.
  3. Worse, these two twenty something or thirty something guys are supposed to be role models in the fight against AIDS?  I think they’re irresponsible jerks. Chris went poz a year ago?  We’ve known for over a quarter of century what causes it – why, pray tell, why are guys still getting infected in significant numbers?? (South Florida has one of the highest rates in the country.) HIV among gays should have been a medical textbook footnote like polio by now.
  4. Assuming Chis is under 30, and on the dole when it comes to his meds and possibly even disability payouts, this guy will be draining your tax dollars and mine conceivably for the next 40 years for a preventable disease. (Some guys infected by their partners who they thought were faithful bitch to me when I get on my soapbox about this, but guys, when two men fuck, remember it’s your ass that’s on the line not his.)
  5. Hey. CDC, you want a truly effective prevention campaign? Start showing guys in their 40’s and 50’s, guys I know, who have been on the meds since the 90’s,  and while surviving, or even thriving , i.e., the  bulked-up steroid/HGH guys you see at the gym, you know the ones with the upper bodies by God, pregnant stomachs and spindly legs, are also suffering early dementia, cirrhosis of the liver due to meds (and HIV guys are not candidates for transplants), blown out joints, and that haggard, old-before-their time- look that needs cosmetic surgery (P.S. which they get at a discount because their poz).

Again, please, let’s cut the shit already!

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