Nomophobia: the New Gay Plague

I’m sure it’s rampant among str8’s, too, but forgive me, I mostly hang around gay guys. And it’s not fear of some new, dread STD – it’s the nervousness guys experience when separated from their electronic self-affirmation machines. “Nomo” stands for “no mobile,” and I gotta tell you, often in the bars or on the beach or in the gym, guys dicking with their phones is a downright epidemic. It used to be when a guy reached deep into his jean pockets, he was teasing his tool. Now he’s got a new penal replacement that, unlike the real thing, is always hard – no Viagra required.

Guys – give it a break! All that eye candy, all those potential hook-ups, and you’re staring at your I-phone? Sure, I know some of you may be pretending you’re in the office – bad boy. Or better, you’re on Grind’r  tracking down your latest heart throb who may be 30 yards away taking a piss in the bar john. But you still gotta confront him for real sooner or later before he flushes and zips it up, right?

Like I’ve said before. all these tech toys are not bringing us closer to together – in many ways they trapping us into our own little private, impersonal worlds.

P.S.: I love these people who stroll across a busy street on their cells without a moment’s hesitation about traffic, confident whoever’s coming there will see them. Did you ever think that maybe the guy or gal behind the wheel is distracted at that critical moment, texting, calling, yelling at their kids in the backseat to shut up, or just high?

2 thoughts on “Nomophobia: the New Gay Plague

  1. Michael Phillips

    these toys have ruined social intercourse, not to mention dating, “courting” and random fucking – this new isolation isn’t for me


    1. Agreed. In fact, I think they’re wrecked the bar scene as a place for cruising and have driven guys deeper into fantasy – which certainly has its place – to the point many guys would prefer virtual sex and relationships over the real thing. Sad.

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