Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man: Not Your Usual Gay Blog

“Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man” is my no-holds-barred, unvarnished, introspective social commentary on Gay Life in today’s America,   written from my perspective as a “str8 gay” man, a member of the great silent gay majority who do not espouse to the fluff of gay sub-culture or all its political correctness but lead quiet, ordinary lives.Some readers think I’m right on the money, others think I’m a self-centered, heartless, bigoted, narrow-minded bastard.

They’re both right. If you don’t like what you read, write your own blog.

Below is a directory of the subjects I’ve posted since I started Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man for your virgin enjoyment or hardcore rediscovery. Use the date and the monthly archive in the lower right column to retrieve.

Category headings:

  • The Gay Psyche
  • Gay Culture
  • Gay Issues and Politics
  • Man Make-over
  • Sex and Where To Find It
  • My Life and Loves as a Hirsute Man
  • Gay Personas
  • Relationships
  • Playing the Web
  • Friends, Family And Holidays
  • The Wizard! The Wizard!: Gays and God
  • Tripping: My Take on Some So-called Gay Travel Hotspots
  • Hangin’ Loose in SoFlo (South Florida)
  • Florida’s Gay Campgrounds  

The Gay Psyche

7/19/10 The Silent Majority
7/21, 22/10 Shades of Gay
7/20/10 The New Millennium Gay Lexicon
9/7/10 The Homophobic Homosexual
1/15/11 One Guy’s Lament: “I Hate Being Gay. It’s a Lonely, Miserable Life”
8/14,15/10 Telling Your World
2/15/11 What We Look For In a Man
8/3/10 Looking for Mr. Good Dick
2/17/11 How Far Would You Go For Mr. Right?
2/24/11 Kodak Moments
9/8.10,11/10 Forty Years Post Gay Liberation: What Went Wrong?
5/12, 13/11 The Male Gay Baby Boomer
8/28, 29/10 The Inferiority/Superiority Meter: Our Fragile Egos in Overdrive
2/27/11 What’s Gauche in Straight life is Hot in Gaydom
12/15/10 Me, Myself and I: Super Egos
5/7/11 You Ready for Retirement? (I don’t mean from sex, dude)
1/21/11 Canine Obsession
5/10/11 Rite of Passage
5/5/11 What the Fuck?! Crazy People, Crazy Moments
1/24, 26/11 Ten Minutes Left in the Candy Store: Coming Out Late in Life
5/17/11 Gay Happiness
3/21/12 Age and Attitude
3/23/12 Twenty Somethings: The Pan Sexual Generation?
3/24/12 The Warren Beatty Complex


Gay Culture

1/9/11 Is There Really a Gay Community?
8/4/10 The Guy Bar: An Endangered Species?
10/22,23,24/10 The U.S. Leather Scene: On Life Support?
 5/16/11 The Gay Gap: Segregation from Without – and Within
11/16/10 Twenty Somethings: The Pan-Sexual Generation?
10/13/10 Personal Reflections on the Gay Bullying Epidemic
4/23/11 Gay Double Speak
4/25/11 The Gay Nude Sub-Culture
8/9, 10/10 “Don’t Flush for Piss:” The Sleaze Factor
1/7/11 The Next Best Gay Bar
4/24/11 Gay Pride: Proud About What?
8/22/10 “You Party?”
2/24/11 Girley Man
11/17/10 Gays and Their Cell Phones, iphones, Blackberrys, etc.
1/22/11 Cruising in Limbo
1/30/11 My Beef with Men’s Fitness Magazine
11/7/10;4/16/12 Is Logo Exploitation Television? Is Logo Going Str8?
9/3/10 Was “Queer as Folk” For Real?
2/6/11 Stalkers
1/5/11 Gay Guys and Their Girl Friends
1/28/11 Oz vs. Kansas: The Urban Scene vs. Rural Nowhere
11/29/10 Lauderdale’s Leather Masked Ball
10/29/10 Halloween, South Florida Style
1/23/11 Lauderdale’s Top Gay “Professions”
11/26/10 SoFlo Tourists: A Necessary Evil
1/3/11 My 2020 Predictions for Gay Life
11/01/12 Beefcake TV: It’s About Fucken Time!
4/13/11 Florida’s Gay Rodeo: No Brokeback Mountain
3/6/12 Trouble in Gaytown?
3/8/12 “Cruising,” The Movie: A Gay Docudrama Of How It Was
3/22/12 The F Word (F for “Fag”)
3/22/12 Living in Tinseltown (South Florida)
3/30/12 Are American Men As Stupid As TV, Movies, Advertising Make Them Out To Be?
4/7/12 Wake Up Guys! Gay Cruises, Gay Days: They’re Not about Acceptance, They’re All About Our $$$
4/11/12 “My Week With Marilyn”: Michelle, I Knew Marilyn and You’re No Marilyn
4/9,12/12 Transgenderism Part of Gay Culture? Transgender This!
4/17/12 Gay Society’s One Percent
4/18/12 Gay History: Do The Young’ens Know? Or Even Care?
4/21/12 The Gay Rodeo’s in Town! OK and?
4/26/12  My Top Ten Worse Fag Bad Habits Out of the Bedroom
5/13/12 Lauderdale’s Beach Bear Weekend: More Social Than Sex

Gay Issues and Politics

10/8/10 Power in Numbers: We Could Fill the State of Texas and Then Some!
10/10/10 Gays and Adoption: Big News in the Sunshine State
12/19/10;1/15/12 It’s About Fucken Time: Gays and the Military
12/13,14/10 The AIDS Crisis: Victims, Self Inflicted
10/25,26/11 Gay Marriage Reality Check Time
12/1/11 What To Do About Florida’s AIDS Crisis NOW
12/20/11 Feds Say Real Estate Flipping Caused the Bust: How Gays Contributed To the Mess
12/28/11          White Party BS: When The Fuck Is AIDS Resource Gonna Wake Up?
1/13/12 Profanity on Broadcast TV: Hey Supreme Court? Ever Watch “Two & a Half Men?”
1/15/12 Flattery From the Pope
3/11/12 The HIV Health Care Access Working Work Policy: The Devil’s in The Details
3/13/12 “Pill Anyone?”: The Contraception Controversy
3/19/12 On The Subject of Marriage (Again)
12/4/11 Repealing DOMA Is Critical to Making Gay Marriage Work
4/21/12 Some More Good News Re. Gay Marriage
4/25/12 HIV Stigma
5/11/12 Is The Whole Gay Marriage Thing Going Down The Crapper?
5/15/12 Coming Out for Gay Marriage May Be the Dumbest Thing Obama Has Done
5/18/12 AIDS: Why Are We Still Even Talking About It?
6/13/12 Gay Marriage Showdown Destined for the Supreme Court?


Man Make-Over

2/28/11 Getting in Shape for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now)
3/1, 2/11 Working Out and More Tales from the Gym
3/3,4/11 Cosmetic Surgery
3/5, 6/11 Rejuvenation Therapy: Mr. T and More


Sex and Where to Get It

2/27/11 So What Are You Looking For NOW?
8/11/10 The Dickter (as in Rickter) Scale
2/8/11 The Perfect Cock, the Perfect Butt: What’s Your Favorite?
2/4/11 What’s YOUR Body Count?
8/30, 9/1/10 A Hard Dick Is Hard To Find: America’s Erection Crisis
2/12, 13/11 What Happened To Lust?
2/7/11 Getting it Up and Keeping It Up: Those Magic Pills
2/9/11 Getting It Up and Keeping It Up: It’s All in Your Head
11/15/10 The Comings and Goings of Cumming
3/7, 8, 9/11 Baths and Sex Clubs
3/11, 10/11 Rating the Hook-up Sites
3/12/11 Making a Scene: Public Sex
1/8/11 Fuck Buddy Groups
8/5/10 The Fine Art of Cocksucking
2/22/11 Is Cocksucking a Lost Art?
1/16/11 Oral Only, Anyone?
5/5/11 The Magic Triangle
10/8,9/10 Bearcrashing
11/14, 11/29/10 Huge Cocks: Is Bigger Really Better?
11/27, 28/10 Underwear Nite at the Ramrod
12/4/10 Extreme Sex: X Marks The Spot
12/5, 6/10 This Hand Was Made for Fisting
12/8/10 Asphyxiation: How Tight Do You Want It?
12/10 Scat: Dirty Little Secrets
9/15/10 Fetishes: Strange Bedfellows
3/17, 18/11 Second Hand Sex
2/11/11 Talking Dirty
4/26-30/11 Picking Up Str8 Guys
2/10/11 Being a Pig Ain’t All Fun
1/31/11 Double Booking
3/28/11 7 Men, 32 Hours
3/14, 15, 16/11 Midnight At The Oasis: Friday Nite at The Local Sex Club
4/3/11 Rim Away!
1/2/12 Hard-on Day Dreaming
1/18/12 Getting Off the Assembly Editing Way
1/26/12 When Is Sex Addiction Not Sex Addiction
2/16/12 The Tina Fuck (No, Not Fuck Tina) Diet
3/11/12 The Res-Erection of Barebacking
3/18/12 The Way of All Flesh
3/18/12 Bottoms Up!
3/25, 4/30/12 What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Have Sex for A Year?
3/29/12 Not Happy With the Size of Your Dick?
4/6/12 Total Tops, Total Bottoms
4/11/12 What I’ve Learned About Fucking Men From Fucking Men
4/14/12 Is In-The-Flesh Sex Losing Out to Cyber Sex?
4/27/12 They Should Call It P-Pad (P for Porn)
4/28/12 My Top Worse Fag Habits in the Bedroom
5/3/12 So What’s My Fantasy? My REAL Fantasy?
6/26/12 The New Meat Syndrome
6/27/12 So What’s One Way for a Sex Pig to Go Celibate?
6/27/12 Go Fuck Yourself (Now You Can!)
7/1/12 Drugs and Sex: Inseparable?
7/21/12 Going Versatile


My Life and Loves as a Hirsute Man

8/21/10 It’s All About The Fur
2/21/11 My Life as a Furry Guy
2/23/11 Furry Backs
2/25, 26/11 Hairy Men I Have Known, Loved and Even Slept With
6/14-16/11 My Month as a Rentboy
2/17/12 My 15 Minutes of Fame (More Like 57) In Porn
3/16/12 I’m An Older Gay Man Who Likes Older Guys But …
5/30,31;6/1/12 The Memorial Day Weekend Diary of a Pig
6/13/12 Hirsute Phobia
7/8, 9/12 The Two Most Sensual Hours in My Life With The Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Known
7/10, 11/12 Friday Night and Saturday Morning: More With The Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Known
8/17, 18/12 How My Last Blow-Out with The Sexiest Man in My Life Almost Became the Nightmare of My Life
9/11/11 9-11: I Was There.

Gay Personas

 4/3/11 Technos
4/5/11 Bears
4/7/11 Muscle Bears
8/20/10 The Belt Loop Boys
4/4/11 Peter Pans and Tinker Bells
4/8/11 Closet Cases
4/9/11 Bi’s
4/10/11 Extremos
4/6/11 Flickers
5/15/11 A Tale of Two Men
1/29/11 Party Boy
10/17/10 The Perfect Fuck
12/23/10 Airheads
12/1,3/10 This Dad Has Two Sons
1/17/11 On Your Knees: My Born Again Manhunt Hook-up
12/27-31/10 Meth Heads: Ode to Mitch
3/18/12 A Boy and His Dog
3/20/12 The 2012 Airhead of The Year Award
3/21/12 The New Age Flasher
3/26/12 Career Gays vs. Professional Gays
4/20/12 The Flypaper Boys
4/27/12 The Asshole of the Month Award
5/2/12 Klone Kevin
5/4/12 So What’s a Daddy Dick?
5/5/12 Heterosexists
6/21/12 Silent Sex: Making it with a Deaf Guy



For my blogs on Gay Marriage see “Gay Issues and Politics”

8/2310 “Seeking LTR”: You Sure About That?
2/14/11 Gay LTR’s: Fantasy or Fact?
2/18/11 Making Relationships Work: Do’s and Don’ts
9/25/10 Monogamy: Another Gay Myth
9/12/10 Signs Something’s Amiss (in Your LTR)
8/12/10 Fuck Buddies
2/16/11 Partners Vs. Fuck Buddies: Who’s Better?
2/19/11 Fuckin’ Around (and Married)
9/26, 27/10 Threesomes: Utterly Decadent or Somewhat Problematic?
2/20/11 So You’re Calling It Quits: Getting Out Gracefully
2/2/11 Boys Don’t Cry: Are We Adult Males or Love Sick Adolescent Girls?
3/31/12 Ten Reasons Why Taking My Partner to Key West Was A Mistake
4/8/12 Monogamy Double Talk
4/18/12 Honesty in Relationships
4/25/12 He’s There Somewhere. Waiting. Waiting for You.
7/22/12 Those Who Don’t Have an LTR Want One, Those That Do, Want Out
8/3/12  Excess Baggage


 Sex Slots: Playing The Web

3/19/11 The Web: The New Millennium’s Gay Addiction
7/28/10 Confessions of a Cyber-spike Addict
3/20/11 Cyberspikes: Almost As Good As You Know What
3/21, 22/11 What Works and Doesn’t in a Web Profile
10/20/10?? Family Albums
3/25/11 “Caution: You Have Just Entered The No Fuck Zone.”
3/23, 24/11 Hook-up Fuck-offs, Cyberstyle
3/26, 27/11 Cyber Mindfuckers
2/5/11 Will These Web Boys Shit or Get Off the Pot?
5/5/11 Reading Between The Lines
5/4/11 “BTW, I want let you know I’m Poz, if that’s OK with you”
5/1/11 Are The Hook-up Sites Getting Prudish?
9/4/10 Web Hook-ups from Hell: Cruising in Craig Country
1/16/12 Chat with Some Hunk in Dubai Lately?
3/26/12 Thank the Gay God For My Midnight IM Saviors
4/5/12 How To Reply to a Totally Unsolicited Web Hit
4/24/12 How NOT to Hit Up a Guy You Really Want on the Web
5/1/12 Get Ur &&;LA DY ##hOT 2niTE With a {tOOL th at deLIVERES
5/3/12 Hook-up Gems
5/4/12 Wireless Café
5/23/12 Hey Dude, You’re Fucken Hot, I’d Loving Getting Together But …
6/13/12 Front Page News in South Florida: Grindr!
6/27/12 Odd Man Out – More Web Weirdies
6/27/12 He Sounds Like A Great Guy, But …
6/29/12 The Web:A Numbers Game, & Like Vegas, the Odds Are Against You


Friends, Family and Holidays

8/17, 18/10 Friends of the Friendless
12/19/10 Friends, Vacation and Fucking
12/21/10 Why I Hate The Holidays
5/8/11 Memories of My Own “Mommie Dearest”
12/21/11 Christmas Cheer?
4/22, 23/12 When Alien Worlds Collide: Boring Suburban Relatives vs. Evil Urban Me
5/13/12 My Mother’s Day Royal Fuck-up
3/13/12 Dad: My First Sex Object
5/28/12 Remembering Dad on Memorial Day

The Wizard! The Wizard!: Gays and God

12/20 Yes, God Loves Us.
12/22 What If Jesus Were Bi?


Tripping: My Take on Some So-Called Gay Travel Hotspots

5/2/11 The Pig Vacation Planner
9/29, 10/1/10 San Francisco: Resting on Its Gay Laurels?
11/19-21/10 Key West Techno
12/11, 12/10 California Dreaming
4/15/11 Tampa and St. Pete’s
5/14/12 St. Pete’s Revisited
4/13/11 New Orleans
4/14/11 Chicago
7/14, 15/12 Montreal: Land of the Uncut 2010 vs. 2012
4/22/11 London, Paris
1/12/11 Seattle Seedy   
8/5-8/12 Cruising and Making It In Berlin

 Hangin’ in So Flo (South Florida)

 3/29/11 Hanging in SoFlo
10/16/11 Sebastian Beach, Fort Lauderdale’s Gay Sandbox
3/30, 31/11 Haulover: SoFlo’s Nude Beach
4/2/11 The Bar Scene for the Str8 Gay Man
1/10/11 Blowing A Load: Places to Have Sex (Legally) in Lauderdale


Florida’s Gay Campgrounds

2/05/12 Campground Cruising
11/5, 6/10 Cockteasing at Sawmill Campgrounds
7/5/12 No Life On Mars (Mars, Florida’s Gay Campgrounds That Is Is)
12/12/11;7/28/12 Vitambi Springs


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