You Like Me? Really Like Me?

Yep, that’s the infamous line Sally Field uttered when she won her first Oscar; hope she’s a bit more articulate when she garners this year’s Award for her portrayal of Mary Lincoln. (If she doesn’t get it, something’s wrong – I’m an amateur Civil War historian, and watching “Lincoln” wasn’t just watching a great movie with many parallels to today’s D.C. shenanigans, it was like taking a time machine back to 1865.)

But right now, fuck Sally – if you like ME, really like ME, please vote for me in the Furry Man of the Month contest going on right now on, a site devoted to furry guys and their admirers. Right now, I’m neck to neck with a couple of other hot hairy men who I wouldn’t mind an idle romp in the sack with, but who else bares his soul to you better than me?




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