Gay Marriage, Gun Control: Two Issues Whose Time Is NOW

It may cave in and rule it a state’s rights issue, that is let every state, as has been the case up to now, to decide on its own whether it should legalize gay marriage. But if this Supreme Court has the brass balls the Earl Warren Court of the 1950’s had which ruled school segregation unconstitutional, same-sex  marriage will become legal regardless which state you reside in on one over-riding principal: equality under the law.

It’s comforting to hear a slight majority of the public approves gay marriage, but who gives a fuck whether they do or they don’t? Did Truman poll servicemen and service women in 1947 before he desegregated the armed forces? Were the southern states polled before civil rights legislation became the law of the land in 1964? Personal prejudice may be alive and well, but when it comes to everything else, equal is equal. Period. In fact, nowhere is marriage even mentioned in the Constitution.

As for gun control, maybe this time the payolas by the National Rifle Association will not be enough,  now that 6 and 7 year old kindergarteners  were the victims. Why are multi-clip assault weapons sold to anybody legally except for law enforcement and the military? If you’re an average citizen, all you should be able to buy is a gun for personal defense or maybe hunting. Why are weapons sold on online? And if it doesn’t exist now, why isn’t there a one month minimum waiting period on all gun sales to allow a super thorough check of the buyer?

Sure you can’t prevent what happened from happening again but at least don’t make it easy to get these weapons by allowing them to be purchased easily and LEGALLY.

As I’ve said before, the second amendment never meant to protect killers: it was written when there were no police no armies, when most of Americans lived in rural areas and were on their own.

If Congress and the President do not take some serious action NOW, they should all be impeached and thrown on the Titanic II.

4 thoughts on “Gay Marriage, Gun Control: Two Issues Whose Time Is NOW

  1. I am a vet of Vietnam, the son of a of a career soldier, a very proud American and for the 1st time in my life think gun control is necessary. I’ve always believed we should have the right to own guns, but now I believe we’ve lost that right… the moral condition of America is at an all time low. I didn’t care when drug dealers killed each other, but these were babies, beautiful innocent trusting…I’m still crying. It’s time to put the guns away and grow the fuck up

    1. Thanks for your feedback – I’m not against people owning guns for legitimate reasons, but let’s use some common sense and not let one faction of society call the shots (no pun intended) for everybody else. Right now they’re dissecting the mental state of the shooter and his family, but there will also be deranged people who fall under the radar screen. All we can hope is that we don’t make it any easier to have them get their hands on weapons. What the fuck was a middle middle class mother doing with 5 assault weapons in her house???

      1. Apparently mom had issues of her own. But I think the fact that Americans love violence is the bigger issue, we have sugar coated death to the point that our children kill on x-box for entertainment. I agree the mental health system is broken [ I worked in a state psy hospital for 20 years] but I maintain we need to back up and stay real, until you actually kill someone you don’t know the finality of death by gun shot, they don’t get up and brush themselves off,they are dead. So, I want to look at the big “gun”, our ill society. the other day you wrote of twinks on cell phones, on line man shopping and isolation. I see a connection here don’t you??

      2. Absolutely and sadly we are going to see more of it as we as a society become even more depersonalized. I worked in a health care too and we had one of the largest mental health services in NYC, but bottom line, a lot of it was just popping pills.

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