The Gun Issue Revisited

Even more moronic than the recent “recommendations” made by the NRA following the Sandy Hook massacre is why Obama didn’t invoke an executive order immediately after the shooting, suspending all sales of assault weapons and multi-run clips until Congress had time to discuss and take some corrective action. If the gun dealers and the NRA wanted to take him to the Supreme Court on grounds of restraint of trade or First Amendment rights, go ‘head and let the fucks do it. And to light a fire under the incompetent asses of our Representatives and Senators, set a time limit of, say, 60 days max for Congress and the Prez to take such action.

Instead, with a ban threatened but not yet realized, gun shops sold the same amount of weapons of mass destruction and ammo in three days that they would have sold in three years.

Duh??!’ A hell of a way to celebrate Christmas, wouldn’t you say?

And if and when real, meaningful legislation does happen, it should become effective the micro-second Obama’s pen hits the paper, not two years, two weeks, two days or two hours later.

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