The Boy Scout Scandal Revisited: It Gets Even Better

Recently I blogged about the Boy scout pedophile scandal which I found both criminal and ironic. Back in 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts could discriminate against an openly gay assistant scoutmaster and expel him from the Scouts, all while this revered, holier than-thou organization had been hiding more than a thousand cases of alleged sex abuse by Scout leaders and volunteers spanning two decades.

Now it comes out that, unlike the Catholic Church, that at least paid off parents of kids abused by priests with hush money, the Boy Scouts actually fought these cases in court. In one case, the Scouts blamed the parents for allowing their boy to fraternize with the Scoutmaster, and that the sex that transpired between their 12 year old son and the 30 year old guy was “consensual.”

What fucken planet did this attorney drop from? As expected, the judge threw this defense out. Hey, Scouts, even if the kid wooed the guy with his tight little boy ass, the law is clear: if you’re an adult and you have sex with a minor, you are the perpetrator, not the kid. Period.

OK, gay parents: would you trust your kid to an organization that thinks like this? I don’t think so.

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