The Great Gay Divide – Not Politics This Time But The Hunt

Just before last fall’s Presidential election, I spoke about the Great Gay Divide and how a percentage of gays were voting against the urgings of their own sub-culture for Romney.  One out of 4 actually did.

But there’s another Great Gay Divide, far more pervasive, the Generational Divide between older gays and younger guys when it comes to the pursuit of sex.

Hey, I’m a child of the 70’s and ‘80’s, before the era of web, when the bath houses, sex clubs and bars  were your primary source of sex. But today, largely because of the web, the bars have gone mostly social. (I guess being on Grind’r in the bar counts as social right?) Meanwhile the aging baby boomers, many of them shadows of their former studliness, still cling nostalgically to the bath houses which largely have become God’s waiting rooms.

Do younger guys hit them, too? Sure they do, but in much, much smaller numbers like the ones who happen to like old guys for sex, not for their money, or more likely get their kicks from their six packs being worshipped by a guy old enough to  be their grandfather.  And as I’ve said before, these older gay men in their fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond , out of shape, haggard and even barely able to walk, still drop their dollars at the bath house window and spend most of their nights lying on their stomachs, groping a few semi-hard dicks in the orgy room, having rare, almost incestuous sex with a few decades-old  fuck buddies, or more likely kibitzing with their friends, because once they stop going,  their sexual identity is over.

 I really wonder in another ten years whether bath houses – except for maybe Steamworks in Chicago – will even exist. Then again, the Mob will always need all cash businesses to launder all that drug money through and the tubs are perfect for that, even if they’ll have to raid the nursing homes for dirty old men.

And what about the young studly virile guys? There’s certainly the private fuck party circuit and sex clubs like Slammers in L.A. and here in Lauderdale.  But many if not most under 50 guys, from my estimation, are alone in their bedrooms, on the web,  hooking up sometimes, but just as often, if not more often,  getting off camming, dirty talking, and gawking at all those naked pictures, that is, if they can shoot their load after smoking  some crystal meth. (“you  prty?”)

Two ends of the spectrum yet with one commonality: is anybody having real, in-the-flesh sex anymore?

2 thoughts on “The Great Gay Divide – Not Politics This Time But The Hunt

  1. C Roeser

    You overlook the 35-50 slice of gay pie. The group that has weathered a few foolish dead ended dramatic relationship with hook up vacations inbetween. They have rode this merry-go-round a few times mistaking it for the Rollercoaster of life. Fresh out of another of their short term relationship, they are this 50+ daddy’s stock in trade for great skin on skin sweaty sexing and day activity friends.

    1. True, but how many of them are working “real” jobs or, having blown their dough, are looking for a 50+ to support them? I know a few older friends falling for exactly this shit from “younger” (45-50) guys with nothing both a meth habit to show for the last 30 years.

      “But I love him,” says my 67 year old financially comfortable friend of his latest 50 year old paramour, who’s collecting SSDI because he’s HIV poz and works as a DJ, with 0 in the bank, “and he says he loves me!”

      True story.

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