What Goes Around Comes Around

Funny how, here we are in the teens of a brand new millennium, and yet for all the fast paced changes happening in our lives, a lot is going retro.

History began with pictograms, first in the caves, later with the Egyptians and their hieroglyphics. Now millenniums later, we’re communicating with pictures all over again – TV, film, the web, our smartphones.

Closer to home, a half century ago before Gay Liberation….

… when gay bars were the target of police raids and homophobia and many understandably paranoid gay men frequented str8 establishments, it was hard to tell if a guy that got your cock astirring was a brother or a hetero-alien. Now, gay bars are increasingly being infiltrated by beautiful women (yes!) brought in by gay boys who think it’s chic, and by – OMG! – curious str8’s. I predict that in the not too distant future as Baby Boomers drop out of the scene and young guys opt to stay home, self-absorbed on their laptops, what were once the refuge of gay men will, to survive, become “blended” and we will be right back trying to figure out who’s who.

… you had your “fems” – how else would a “butch” know who wanted his cock? Then came our own emancipation and many if not most guys at least outwardly acted like guys,  what American culture viewed as “masculine,” except for the usual fringe element who still preferred the flamboyant look. Today, more and more guys under 30, particularly those huddled in our urban gay ghettos,  are going RuPaul retro-fem,  maybe because they and the rest of society doesn’t give a shit. (Or does it?)

… gay men often felt isolated, cut off from mainstream America by a culture that would not acknowledge nor accept us. Today, we are becoming once again isolated, this time by choice, with our addiction to the web and smartphone apps that allow us to be titillated and even get off without meeting a fellow human, face-to-face, or leaving the confines of our shitty abodes.

Are these developments good, bad, or just life?

You be the judge.


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