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My blog on January 13 about Jesse, the 50 year old meth head loser who wooed and conned my 60 year financially comfortable and gullible friend Bill into thinking he loves him prompted this comment:

Addiction isn’t just addiction, it’s a lifestyle of manipulation, lies, stealing, and whoring. My sister is a meth head, she’d blow a dead dog to get her fix. Is this what Bill wants? There are plenty of handsome men who would be willing to date a “Bill.” At 60 he deserves better and should take his head out of his ass and look around before Jesse destroys him, because, Jesse will destroy him. Do I have any experience with addicts?  Twenty years working in a psych hospital with burned out “Jesses.” Is “Bill” stoned or just stupid?

Well, the latest on Bill and Jesse:Jesse has returned from New Orleans where his promised bartending job didn’t pan out and is, at this moment, living with Bill in his luxury condo here in Lauderdale. Now, Bill, of course, is planning to lay down the law – get a job, contribute to the maintenance, no more drugs, no more fuckin’ around, yada, yada, yada. As I sermonized Bill one last time before he took the plunge: “Wake the fuck up!” The guy’s been kept twice and now at a time in his life when he’s no longer marketable, along comes Bill to rescue him – again. Don’t ya love it? Ah, but we gay guys love soap operas, don’t we? (I’m not the only “Revenge” addict out there, am I?) Stay tuned.On January 2, I talked about the great gay divide between the 50+ generation and today’s younger gays in their respective pursuits of sex – real or otherwise. One reader added this:

You overlook the 35-50 slice of gay pie. The group that has weathered a few foolish dead ended dramatic relationships with hook up vacations in between. They have road this merry-go-round a few times mistaking it for the Rollercoaster of Life. Fresh out of another of their short term relationships, they are this 50+ daddies’ stock in trade for great skin-on-skin sweaty sexing and day activity friends.

My reply, which kinda returns to the Jesse-Bill saga:

True, but how many of them are working “real” jobs or, having blown their dough, are looking for a 50+ to support them? I know a few older friends falling for exactly this shit from “younger” (45-50) guys with nothing but a meth habit to show for the last 30 years.

I’m sure Lauderdale isn’t the only gay mecca where accomplished but lonely members of the Baby Boomer Generation are having their last dance with the “All-I’ve-Got-to-Bring-to-This- Relationship-is-My-Pretty-Ass” Guys, is it?

2 thoughts on “Comments From My Readers

  1. C Roeser

    Topic – F.B.F.
    Gosh – my words in print! To funny.

    On to topic. You don’t expect to buy or receive fresh donuts at a Blacksmith shop.

    You need to F.B.F. Fix Bill First. Look closer at your friend and his activities. You can tell the health of an Eskimo by where he fishes. If he stays close to shore, he lives on Muskrats and Sardines. Does Bill cruise the dump bars buying cheap drinks and staying to late? Does Bill use Craigslist as his fishing hole cause it’s easy with no need to get out?

    With Craigslist you get what you pay for. Most of those posts are short because of the guys capabilities. That’s all he can come up with in 2 lies or less.

    Jack up your buddy Bill (F.B.F.) Take him to better places. Maybe a nude beach or two where it’s harder to lie, and takes some self respect to attend(normally). Teach him the good donuts are picked over by 10:00PM at Dunkin Donuts. Time to go home!

    If your buddy Bill is really a meritable catch, he’ll find options within his better behavior. Something that makes it obvious for him to throw Jesse back in the sea.

    1. Bill, though 60 and married most of his life, is extremely immature, naive, sheltered and ego-centric. He doesn’t drink, never masturbated, doesn’t suck dick, and was never rejected romantically IN HIS LIFE. After supposedly waiting to play the gay life most of his life, he is now, like many men from similar pasts, like a kid in a candy store. He says everyone he meets or has had in bed thinks he’s beautiful, handsome, muscular, etc etc., etc. Sorry, all I see is a little old man. He doesn’t use Craigslist but the hookup sites; I told him to check out dating sites – he may if this thing with Jesse fizzles. But frankly I think he needs a wake-up call. He fell for the made for TV Logo movie.

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