The Gay Marriage Protests in France: Hypocritical

What happened to laissez faire? We all thought on this side of the pond that Europe was light years ahead of us in its liberal social views, but this recent fart by the French proved us wrong.  And the ultimate irony is not that the populace was against gay marriage, being pushed by their Socialist government, for gay marriage sake, or out of some religious fervor (the great cathedrals are empty),  but that it would lead to unconventional child-rearing families. (Billy has Two Daddies).

Huh? Both the birth rates and marriage rates in most European countries and even Westernized countries in Asia have been on a steep decline for decades (ours, too, but nowhere near as bad) to a point futurists fear there may not be enough Italians or French or Japanese to run these countries in another generation. (Hence the voluntary import of Muslim workers from former colonial possessions who, now in significant numbers, are understandably demanding their rights.)  Plus, many of those babies being born are as the result of “extra-marital “liaisons, meaning daddy and mommy ain’t married. Snooty France surprisingly has more babies born of such liaisons than those born in legitimate, legally sanctioned marriages.

So who’s calling the kettle black?

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