A Cautionary Grindr Tale For You Guys Who Want ‘Em Young

Two thirty something guys here in Lauderdale were recently arrested for having clearly consensual sex with a 16 year old they connected with on Grindr. Technically they face prosecution for lying to the kid about their HIV poz status  before fucking him all night, but here’s my point:  don’t we assume, even if we like young, real young guys, that if we connect on one of the hook-up sites, they’re at least of legal age? If the kid lies and we fall for it, though, who gets burnt? (As a Daddy type, I get a lot of hits from 18, 19 and 20 year olds whose pics look like you could watch their pube hairs growing in.)

Since I don’t think money is a direct motivator, I don’t get why most sites even accept apps from 18 year olds. A few do demand some form of ID like a driver’s license, but most don’t. Bottom line, the minimum age should be 21 and if the boy/man submits pics where he looks like jailbait, demand ID. Or reject him. After all, they can refuse anybody they like for any reason. I know the sites post disclaimers to cover their ass but one of these days these disclaimers ain’t gonna hold up in court and, like bathhouses in San Fran when AIDS reared its ugly head, they’ll all be closed down or face drastic censorship (No more ass shots.)

Or could it be these sites are, in a veiled way, condoning pedophilia  even promoting it?

Think about it.

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