The Anti-Gay Marriage Defense in Arguments Before the Supreme Court Is Hilarious

Now if the conservative faction against gay marriage had used economics as a reason (a potential drain on Social Security, pension plans, corporate benefits and the like if same sex partners received the same as tradition married folk), maybe, just maybe their argument might, at least, seem vaguely plausible. But no, the shitheads are arguing before the Supreme Court that the primary reason gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized is that only a man and a woman can fuck and make babies, or in their words, “produce unplanned and unintended  offspring” unlike same sex couples where “substantial advance planning is required.”

Well, fuckers, wake the fuck up! Only 21% of all married couples in the U.S. have kids, vs. 28% who don’t and barely half of U.S. households have children in the equation. The reasons are many and obvious: improved birth control, an anemic economy (Guess what? Kids cost money) and women no longer needing to marry to be successful.

Str8’s get married for a lot of reasons – companionship,  social standing, money – and not necessarily to have babies. In my own shitty little family, my sister and I were the only kids around – three sets of aunts and uncles, all married, never had kids.

Plus, 40% – yes 40% – of all births in the U.S. today are, to use an old fashioned term, “out of wedlock.”  The politically current term is “single parent households.” So using propagation as a reason to stop us from marrying is just a bad joke.

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