Guess What? Gays are “Gayer” Than Str8’s

O.K., O.K, a sample size of 87 may not be definitive, but a new study published in the professional journal “Psychosomatic Medicine” says homosexuals, in general, may suffer from less depression,  anxiety and burn-out than heteros. That includes even gays still in the closet to family, friends and business associates where you would expect anxiety to be higher. The study involved both psych evals and measuring levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

In fact, str8 men registered a third higher on the “depression” index than did gay and bi men.

Since body weight may also affect cortisol levels, it could be we’re happier because a lot of us or at least some of us give a shit how we look and work out more. It could also be, given our untraditional lifestyle that doesn’t have a script like str8 life (married at 22, 2.3 kids by 25), we’ve developed better coping skills to deal with whatever comes along.

Who knows? All I can say is fuck the Judy Garland (“Look what life did to me”) Syndrome so often associated with the stereotypical poor, lonely gay boy.

Yep, gay can be fun!

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