Gay Opposition Groups Running Out Of Steam

Seems the groups fighting against gay marriage in front of the Supreme Court are running out of steam, or I should say money. Donations to these causes are at an all-time low and even the Mormon Church, which funded the opposition that successfully overturned gay marriage in California, is starting to make nice nice by declaring it’s considering to let gays stay in the Church.

Is it because these groups are realizing that most of the rest of the populace doesn’t give a shit?

Or that, in these hard economic times, our discretionary dollars are more coveted than ever ( i.e., two all gay cruises leaving from Fort Lauderdale this month will give an eleven million dollars boost to South Florida).

Or that politicos like the GOP and super-str8 organizations like the Boy Scouts are waking up to the reality that they stand more to lose (votes or in the case of the BS, members and donations) if they keep fighting us?

Or is it that our time has finally come?

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