Should Women Be Allowed at “All Men” Gay Events?

I’d really like to hear from you guys on this one.

A local gay men’s beach resort here in Fort Lauderdale that sponsors a weekly “men only” T-Dance has gotten heat lately from women, str8 and gay, and gay men who view the resort’s policy as discriminatory. So, the resort has caved in and relaxed its rule.

I’m old school, and this has nothing to do with discrimination, but if I’m going to a gay guy event, (I’m not talking about a clothing optional pool or sex party), I’m going because I want to look at gay guys, not women. Sorry ladies, but we can see enough of you on the job, in the stores, on the street, etc. If I wanted to look at women, I wouldn’t go to a gay event. I’m there because I want the camaraderie of men. Men like me.

From my perspective and observations, the increasing practice of gay guys bringing girls into what were once our exclusive domains, or str8 couples checking our places out, is ruining the scene, and I predict in ten years or less, “guy” bars won’t exist, and we’ll be back where we were 60 years ago when you couldn’t tell who was gay or who was str8. Some think that’s great – that means we’ve gone mainstream, right?

But is that what we REALLY want?

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Should Women Be Allowed at “All Men” Gay Events?

  1. Michael Phillips

    MEN like me like MENI don’t want to smell perfume in my foxhole, locker room, bath or barif I want to be around women or straight couples I’ll go to Taboo in Palm BeachGod PC fucks up everything!!

  2. Randy

    I have this same gripe about gay bars. When women show up, it just changes the whole dynamic, the whole vibe of the place, and I don’t like it. I don’t have a thing against women, but I like having a place where I can just go and relax with “my kind” – just guys being guys.

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