A Surprise – Businesses For Ditching DOMA


DOMA is the notorious Defense of Marriage Act which currently make legal same-sex marriages less than equal by barring partners from some of the benefits str8 married couples now enjoy like Social Security survivor benefits, filing joint federal tax returns, or, like one of the test cases now before the Supreme Court, exempting a legal surviving spouse from federal estate tax.

Now, for business, it’s all about money, or so I thought, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to hear several hundred companies, including some Silicon Valley and Wall Street heavy hitters, have come out against DOMA and are urging the Supreme Court to ditch it, not on any high and mighty Constructional grounds, but because enforcing it is creating havoc for their HR departments that are being forced to apply two different sets of standards.  I honestly thought most businesses wouldn’t be so resonant to  push the same sex marriage button since it could cost them more in employee benefits, but I’m happy to say I was wrong.

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