It’s All about The Tip

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about that pastor who ate at Applebee’s and when told there would be an automatic 18% gratuity tagged onto his bill for his party of four, refused to pay it, scribbling on his bill, “I give 10% to God. Why should I give you 18%?”

O.K., maybe the guy dropped from Mars and only ate at Church picnics for free, but the whole episode got me thinking how loose so many of us American gays (I hear our Euro-c counterparts are cheap) are when it comes to blindly leaving overly generous tips for our gay bartenders and waiters, whether they’re courteous and expeditious (and cute) or rude and bored (and cute).

How many times have you waited to order your drink at a bar while your humpy bartender is bullshitting  with some other hump (he wants to make) for more than the maximum 37 allowable seconds? And then acts like he’s doing you a favor when you ask for a watered down vodka tonic with a nickel’s worth of liquor in it for seven bucks, plus, of course, his one dollar tip. Or dealing with some waiter in an oh-so-  chic gay restaurant who looks like he forgot to insert his Jack Stryker dildo up his butt before he left for work?

Hey, even if they’re pretty, if the service sucks, the tip should too. But you say, the poor guy only makes three bucks an hour and relies on the tips to buy his meth. So? Did anybody tell him to drop out of high school or lead a party life so that all he’s got to put down on his resume is “Award winning backroom cocksucker?”

3 thoughts on “It’s All about The Tip

  1. Kevin

    RIGHT ON. And don’t kid yourself. Those bartenders make PLENTY of money by flashing their cute smiles, open shirts or shirtless pecs, and their cute buts in tight genes or shorts. They are playing a role in a bar room drama. They are the actors and we are the audience. I know a bartender who, after 5 years of playing the part, and sucking the fucking the patrons from time to time, actually BOUGHT a neighboring bar… for CASH. Don’t be stupid. If the service sucks, the tips should indeed. If it’s great, quick and the drink is correct. Tip accordingly. But the “entitlement mentality” has invade the service industry as much as any other place in our society… except perhaps the ‘hood.

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