The HIV Miracle Baby: False Hope?

As great as it sounds – a baby HIV infected at birth is given a super zap of drugs and becomes cured – I think both the mainstream media and our own media are making this bigger than it should be. The medical experts have cautioned not to apply to what happened with this infant to what might be possible with adults, but I also question its applicability to infected kids for a couple of reasons:

!. It’s only one case; clinical trials use hundreds of cases and even then conclusions can be murky.

2. What strain of HIV did the baby have? Had it mutated into a form more vulnerable to the treatment given?

3. Could the baby have been genetically predisposed to the drugs wiping the virus out totally?

And probably the biggest glitch in this age of diminishing resources and federal cuts, could our system, any system, afford to provide the amount of meds this baby got with the outcome a question mark?

Sure, if babies are cured, that cuts out years of a medical regimen, but you know how shortsighted our government is.  And don’t even talk about private insurers.

Another major reason why these results may not be transferable to adults is that so many people don’t even know they’ve been infected til they get tested or develop symptoms months or even years later. By then, the kind of aggressive therapy this baby was given would be pointless.


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