Francis I: More Of the Same

OK, the world’s got a new Pope but it doesn’t sound like much will change when it comes to the Church’s stance on us. Not that I thought anything really would – like one theologian stressed, the responsibilities of the pope come with a pretty conservative job description. However, it would have been nice if we had a new guy that at least, if not endorsing our lifestyle, stressed Jesus’ first commandment, “Love One Another.” But Francis I already has a track record from his days as Cardinal for vehemently opposing gay marriage which he describes as “the devil’s work” (pretty extreme, huh? – what about all those str8 divorces?) and gay adoption “which he feels is “discrimination against children.” (How about those kids gays adopt that str8 society is about ready to throw on the garbage heap?)

But at least one good thing: he’s Italian (I’m partial to Italian men) and he’s from Argentina which I visited ages ago and which, with its Italian-Spanish ancestry, has some of the hottest guys – and gals – I ever laid eyes on.

2 thoughts on “Francis I: More Of the Same

  1. Hey Hot Stuff religion is never, ever going to come around it goes against everything the church stands for- fear, damnation, and do as I say or you’ll never get to Heaven. Forget the teachings of Christ – lost years ago by the Church founded by St. Peter and replaced by doctrine, and send money to support an excessive lifestyle led by the Holy Father. If you understand what I’m saying then you already know God loves us all equally- what else do you need? His love is validation enough.
    As for the RCC? It’s a show for the spiritually week.
    And yes I’m RC [ in recovery lol]

  2. Kevin

    It’s always somewhat ludicrous to me when I see riding by gays who say the other side hasn’t changed. Be at the church or conservatives in general there seems to be this underlying hope that both are going to change their position. They both hope the same about you! The fact that the Roman Catholic Church defends centuries of the same theological and Biblical position should come as no great surprise. They are as unlikely to change as you are. Jesus spoke more about hell than He did about heaven. And He spoke just as much condemnation as he did love. When either side gets those two out of balance there’s an error in understanding all that Jesus had to say. Everyone wants to love gentle Jesus meek and mild, but nobody wants to contend with Jesus with raised arm thrashing the money lenders in the Temple. Jesus himself said he came to divide. And I have to say when gays figure out how to make a baby they should be able to adopt one, but until then, no. There are hundreds of couples in this country looking to adopt and unfortunately so many babies are being aborted they are having to go to foreign countries to find them. So your comment about babies being dumped on a trash heap is without merit. When my gay friends should show up with their newly adopted baby, I have to turn and walk away to keep myself from saying something that would offend them. But I look at them and always want to say, “didn’t you have a mother?” “Don’t you think your baby should have one too?” I think it’s just selfishness on their part and a desire to mimic a heterosexual family. I find is sad for everyone.

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